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Hey +T-Mobile Galaxy S III owners!!

If you're running a stock, un-rooted ROM, can you do us a favor and see if you can come up with any 411 for us? +Tony Simons doesn't wanna flash this on top of his custom ROM, and neither should you.
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Looks like an incremental update.... Brightness slider
My guess is that it's the removal of Universal Search (per Apple). I had a software update pushed to my S3 via AT&T last weekend and search for items on my phone was removed.
It's just an incremental update from what we're hearing. No JB. Just a brightness slider and possibly what +Tony Cerda mentioned. Not sure about the search feature,  but he's probably right. I forgot all about that drama.
Galaxy S3 better be the most up-to-date android phone ever, many people I know switched to android with it and I'd love for them to stay.
I have a rooted stock. I don't want to update if I'm losing a feature! Does anyone know how you retain the search feature?

How about the Stand by battery bug? Anyone confirm?
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