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One important step that many vehicle owners forget about when they purchase new wheels and tires is tire matching. Tire matching is the name for the process where the tires and wheels are matched together to ensure that the diameters, tread depth, and wheel width are all the same. This important process, if done incorrectly, can cause your vehicle’s suspension components and tires to wear out prematurely. Here at O’Brien Tire Sales in Racine, WI, we are experts in tire matching and are eager to serve you!

Tire matching can be broken down into a three step process. 

• Selecting the Correct Combination of Tires and Wheels—As all auto enthusiasts know, choosing the correct combination of wheels and tires is an important step in tire matching. Our knowledgeable and professional staff are experts in determining the correct match up of tires and wheels for your unique vehicle and needs.

• Matching the Tires—As soon as the tire and wheel selections are made, O’Brien Tire Sales’ expert employees will get right to work matching your tires. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge techniques, our employees will make sure that the dimensions of your wheels and tires are a perfect fit for both each other, and your vehicle. 

• Completing the Job—Once all of the tires have been matched, our staff will double check to make sure that the job has been done correctly before your vehicle is returned to you! 

Throughout the entire process, our certified staff will meet the high tire matching standards set by O’Brien Tire Sales in order to provide the highest quality results, satisfaction guaranteed!
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Let’s be honest here, choosing a new set of wheels for your vehicle can be a stressful process. There are often several time-consuming steps that must be taken in order to determine which wheels are right for your car, and installing a new set of wheels is an intimidating process for the lone consumer who doesn’t have access to a garage. For many vehicle owners, there are too many hurdles and too much stress involved to try to choose and install a new set of wheels on their vehicle. Fortunately, here at O’Brien Tire Sales in Racine, WI, wheels are our passion. 

Let us do the dirty work of installing the wheels for you!

O’Brien Tire Sales is equipped to fulfill any wheel selection and installation request. Professionally installed and maintained tools and equipment enable our experienced staff to meet the needs of our customers when it comes to selecting and installing new wheels. Whether it is installing a trusty set of stock wheels, or bolting on a shiny set of aftermarket rims, O’Brien Tire Sales has got you covered!

Here at O’Brien Tire Sales, we utilize state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to ensure that your expectations are exceeded. Upon receiving your patronage, we will work with you to determine which wheels are right for your vehicle and, due to our large inventory of stock and aftermarket wheels; we will be able to complete your order in a timely fashion!

Wheel purchasing and installation doesn’t have to be an intimidating and stressful process. Perhaps you only need the stock wheels on your daily driver replaced, or maybe your antique roadster needs a new look. Whatever your wheel service needs are, we are glad to assist you here at O’Brien Tire Sales because wheels are our passion! Contact us today!
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There are many reasons to purchase new tires for your vehicle! From wear and tear to increasing fuel efficiency, O’Brien Tire Sales in Racine, WI has the selection and the expertise to help you fulfill all of your tire needs!

• Increase Grip— By purchasing a set of new tires for your vehicle, you will increase the grip that your vehicle has with the surface it is operating on. From the lawn to the gravel race track, a new set of tires will give you an edge in maintaining contact with the surface. Furthermore, by increasing the grip that your vehicle has with the surface, new tires will give you peace of mind by increasing the safety of your vehicle. More grip means less slip! 

• Increase Fuel Economy— O’Brien Tire Sales offers a compelling way to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Fuel efficient tires are meticulously constructed to reduce drag on your vehicle while providing enhanced grip and control. Our expert tire technicians are experienced in determining which fuel-efficient tire is right for your vehicle and needs. Make a positive impact on the environment through O’Brien Tire Sales’ fuel efficient tire services!

• Increase Performance— For many customers seeking a performance upgrade, a new set of performance tires often are the best fit for their needs. Offering a budget-friendly performance increase, a set of performance tires will enable your vehicle to accelerate faster, turn tighter, and stop quicker than the competition! 

Whether the goal is to improve fuel economy or to decrease your track time, O’Brien Tire Sales will blow you away with our tire inventory and services. Bring in your car and let us tune up your tires!
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O’Brien Tire Sales is the leader in tire sales and matching in Racine, WI, and we are excited to offer comprehensive wheel and tire service for your entire tire and wheel needs! From lawnmower tires to aftermarket car wheels, O’Brien Tire Sales has what you are looking for!

O’Brien Tire Sales is your singular destination for aftermarket wheels, tire fitting and selection. We treat our customers like we treat our own families, and we put forth maximum effort into every sale. We are excited to help you get your vehicle back to work with new tires and wheels, and our highly experienced staff will ensure that the entire process is as stress-free as possible.

Whether it’s an antique car or a specialized work truck, take advantage of our tire matching services that will exceed your expectations. Stop by our location and browse through our selection of aftermarket wheels, check out our tire selection, and stop by for a consultation today!
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