NYTS has a new blog for faculty and students on the Going Home course.

This annual sojourn was initially born out of a conversation between a female administrator, descendant of slaves and a male faculty member descendant of slave owners. Together they dared to bare their souls, joys and concerns onto a common table of faith and reconciliation. With this mutual motivation beneath their academic wings, a life changing course was launched. Each year, students and faculty members have had the transformative experience of traveling through the historical footprints and cultural civil rights nuances, in Memphis, Tennessee, Birmingham and Montgomery Alabama, and Vicksburg, Mississippi. The racial roles of hosts and guests are flipped and reversed, as people of color have opened up their homes to the NYTS, Multi cultural, Multi racial student population. Followed by whites in Mississippi opening up their beds along with breakfast, for students who have not shared their racial identity or historical experiences.

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