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Website, Web app, Mobile app, Software, BPO, SEO & IT consulting


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We are introducing: NYT360

Tracking activities of vehicles is not an easy job and calling each driver to check vehicle status is just a waste of time and money.

Nyoka software introducing NYT360; it can save Fuel, Time and Money through efficient routing and dispatching system. You stay in control of your fleet at all times and receive alerts when your vehicle is being misused.


• Easy to use Fleet Dashboard allows you to access overall fleet information on a single window
• Alerts on over speeding, excessive idling, unnecessary stops to monitor undesired driving behavior
• Customizable fleet report system helps in resource optimization leading to cost efficiency
• Geo fencing enables you to set a predefined area on the map for your vehicle, upon crossing which you will be alerted
• Tamper-proof design and robust built
• Consists of a back up battery, in case the device is disconnected from main power source it will continue to function
• Alert sent when the device attached to the vehicle is tampered with
• Stores retrievable data, even if the vehicle goes beyond the network area
• Alerts when the vehicle is due for servicing


• Know the location of your fleet cars, trucks and buses at the click of a button
• Helps in building a customer friendly business wherein you can inform the customer when their goods or services are about to arrive
• Ease of recovery if the vehicle is stolen
• Puts a stop to unsanctioned trips made by drivers
• Fuel cost is minimized by identifying the most efficient route
• Labor cost is reduced by keeping track on the actual number of working hours
• Can review the driving habits of hired drivers with inputs on over speeding
• In case of a breakdown/accident, drivers can be located
• Reduces telephone bills by eliminating the need to make calls to drivers
• Detailed reports to optimize the business

For more details, Please visit:

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