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Delaying the dentist trip because you can't see it? #wisdomteeth
Doesn't mean you're not letting damage occur

Wisdom teeth will typically grow into the mouth between ages 18-25.

ALL dental patients should be thoroughly examined by a competent dentist to discover the need for their extraction and the risk of not doing so. An erupting tooth may catch on the second molar and start to hinge into the teeth gallery as it tries to grow from the bone.

Too many adults have unnecessarily suffered irreparable damage from the over-retention of wisdom teeth. This x-ray shows impacted maxillary and mandibular wisdom teeth. This will frequently cause dental caries and gum problem around the second molar over time. Often, the second molar can develop abscess and caries below the gum line and lead to loss of the damaged tooth.

#NYCdentist #manhattan #wisdomtooth #jawache #madisonavenue 

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In anticipation of the first 2016 U.S. Presidential debate let's remember how important it is for doctors to remain independent in private practice. This is important for the health and welfare of all patients everywhere. #independent

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This young boy broke his two adult teeth. #fracture

Notice in the x-ray that the root apices of these teeth have not yet completely formed. The dental concern is to facilitate the complete formation of the root apex in these teeth. A partial pulpotomy using MTA was performed.

Avoid weakening the teeth causing micro fractures that can progress to fractures of teeth and dental materials by avoiding foods and drinks of extreme temperature differences in rapid succession.

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Phobia, Fear, Anxiety, Nervous, Afraid or Scared of Dentists, Dentistry or Dental Work? #phobia

We do smile makeovers - oral rehabilitation - on very nervous dental patients who are very scared of the dentist.

Dental treatment can take only one day from 9 am until 5pm with can complete root canal therapy, crown revision and multiple teeth extractions.

The dental laboratory technicians and specialists including Endodontist, Oral Surgeon and Periodontist were scheduled for specific times throughout the day. A dental fear phobia patient can be kept comfortable throughout the day with nitrous oxide conscious dental sedation. It helps you lose track of time.

#nitrousoxide #nydentist #dentalphobia #wallstreetdentist #manhattandentist 

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The Center for Special Dentistry® is a teaching dental practice #Dentistry  

Dental students and young dentists from all over the world apply to our academic programs to study with us. In this photo students are learning about the cementation of Porcelain Veneers under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman (foreground left) -- and a Master Porcelain Ceramist (background center) who is personally present in case any modifications are needed. Note: all patients may opt for privacy but they rarely do because most are personally interested in learning. #PorcelainVeneers #MadisonAvenueDentistry #NYCosmeticDentist #dentalSchool #dentalInternship #dentalIntern 

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Patent: Prefabricated Dental Inlay Forms

Tooth-colored dental bonded fillings that are placed in cavity preparations following caries (cavity) removal are a popular alternative to traditional silver fillings. Patients prefer these cosmetically attractive restorations but the procedure is technically more difficult than that for silver fillings.

Check out this article on the techinical procedure and advantages of tooth colored inlays.

#tooth #teeth #teethwhitening #decay #fillings #manhattandentist 

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Treatment time: one visit #dentalfear

Open Flap Debridement, periodontal gum surgery during a Full Mouth Oral Reconstruction.

A dental phobia patient can be treated in the minimum amount of time required, this can include numerous crowns, 14 root canals and 6 teeth extractions. Sometimes open debridement is performed to debride root accretions but without osseous recontouring when the patient already has severe attachment loss and you don't want to reduce any more.

#dentalphobia #dentalfear #fearofthedentist #manhattandentist #downtownmanhattan

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Early detection of Oral Cancer saves lives #cancer

Cancer of the mouth or oral cavity is one of the most preventable cancers in the United States today.

Excision and biopsy of a soft tissue lesion. The oral pathology diagnosis from the Anatomic Pathology Lab of the Columbia University Medical Center was minor salivary gland lobules exhibiting focal, chronic sialadenitis. 1) Pre-operative photo. 2) & 3) Oral surgical removal of the lesion. 4) The soft tissue lesion. 5) Stitches placed. 6) One week post op.

#nydentist #oralcancer #ulcer #canker 

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Toothberg (I wonder if it is cold sensitive) #sensitiveteeth  

Tooth sensitivity is caused by gum recession and loss of the exposed cementum (mineralized dental tissue that covers the roots on the teeth). or loss of enamel (hard layer covering the teeth). When your enamel is worn down, it can expose the next layer of tooth which is the dentin.

Gums recede for many reasons, like brushing too hard, age, and periodontal disease. When gums recede, small openings in the root of the tooth called dentine tubules are exposed and may be opened by acidic foods and drinks.

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When someone meets you for the first time, the first thing they notice is eyes. Second is teeth, #firstimpressions

... and third is hair. But people spend way more money on their hair than their teeth.

If your breath is bad, we won’t tell you unless you ask...

You can’t have a smile that looks like Angelina Jolie’s, because you don’t have a face that fits those teeth. It’s like when you get your hair color done—you can’t just put the same highlights or lowlights in everybody’s hair.

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