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Do you tend to lose Heart and give up on things? Or do feel you don't have what it takes to achieve what you'd like in this life? If so, be sure to join us for this month's Qigong and Tibetan Bowls session as we celebrate the seasonal shift from Spring to Summer.

As nature expands into its true glory, we'll use Qigong movement to the beautiful, harmonising sounds of Tibetan Bowls to clear internal blockages that are holding us back from fully expressing our own gifts and achieving our dreams.

It takes great strength, courage and resolve to move from Spring to Summer - to move beyond a good idea, beyond planning, beyond taking yet another training course and to decisively and unapologetically step out into the limelight.

We'll explore practices in this session that help us to build the qualities we need to take this step. Now is the perfect moment. As the seasons themselves move from Spring to Summer, we can harness this natural energetic shift to encourage the same movement within us.

These regular workshops are focused on sharing practices for self-healing. They are run by me (Tiffany Bown - MogaDao Yoga teacher and Qigong teacher, Reflexologist), acupuncturist, shiatsu therapist and sound healer Karen Merritt and sound healer Nick Tischler.

Price is £15 on the door.


To find out more, visit my website (scroll down to bottom), or feel free to email me on if you have any questions.

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Here's my latest blog post on the seasonal transition from Spring to Summer and the energetic significance of this shift for our own blossoming into the person we were born to be ..

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Smooth your transition out of Winter's stillness and into Spring's upsurging growth with a harmonising evening of Qigong movement and the deeply healing sounds of Tibetan 'Singing' Bowls.

Find out more and sign up at (scroll down).

All welcome. Now experience needed.

£15 on the door.

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Take a look at our blog to keep up with our latest news and goings on.

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Do you suffer from coughs, colds and other Lung problems? Is the past more a source of sorrow than of inspiration for the future? Is your memory poor?

At our latest (monthly) session of Qigong and Tibetan Bowls, we'll explore how to use movement and sound to navigate our own energetic transition from Summer's exuberance to Autumn's reflection and distillation, and how to tonify our Lungs ready for the colder months.

I will be leading the Qigong movement while acupuncturist and Tibetan Bowl healer Karen Merritt and sound healer Nick Tischler bathe us in the beautiful, healing sounds of Tibetan and Nepali ‘singing’ bowls and gongs.

We spend part of each session working directly with the bowls, learning about their healing properties and getting a chance to handle and to 'play' them for ourselves, and part in Qigong practice. As we move, the bowls’ vibrations help to quieten our busy minds and to draw us into the depths of our bodies. In this way, we can feel and open up fully to the energy of each Qigong form as it flows through us.

The combination of such embodied Qigong practice with the harmonising nature of the bowls’ rich sounds makes for sessions that are both deeply relaxing and deeply healing.

The workshops are open and beneficial to all. No experience needed. Please feel free to bring friends.

£10 per person (payable in cash at the session).

Space is limited - Contact me to book your place.

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Back to teaching Yoga and Qigong in Cambridge today after a long Summer break, as the season of exuberance shifts into the season of reflection. Yoga and Qigong can help us navigate that transition.

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This is a video for all women who suspect that there might better, less toxic and potentially damaging ways for women to achieve sexual liberation than by taking the Pill. Please do take a moment to watch it. And do also consider doing what you can to back the film project on Kickstarter to help ensure it gets made and spreads the word about real and effective alternatives for contraception (like natural fertility awareness) to the hormonal suppression of our beautiful, empowering female cycles.
#ThePill   #contraception   #naturalfertilityawareness  

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Do you tend to lose heart and give up on things? Do you have a feeling that you are not achieving all that you are capable of in your life?

Join us this Wednesday for a special Qigong practice to the beautiful music of Tibetan 'Singing' Bowls to harmonise our own personal energy with the seasonal shift from Spring to Summer.

The transition from Spring's upsurging growth into Summer's glorious blossoming is a time for clearing blockages that are holding us back from achieving our dreams.

Our Heart-opening Qigong practice will help us overcome self-imposed limits and any tendency in our lives to fail to see things through to the end. The power of the practice is intensified by the resonant healing effects of the Tibetan Bowl vibrations. 

This is the last monthly meeting in Cambridge before a summer break. 

No experience is needed. Just come in comfortable clothes and feel free to bring friends. Do try to let me know if you are coming.

£10 on the door.

To find out more about Qigong and Yoga practices to align your energy with that of the changing seasons throughout the year, please visit my website,
#Qigong   #TibetanBowls  

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MogaDao Yoga is a unique type of Yoga that is rooted in the practice and consciousness of Qigong. This marriage ensures that it asks of both the body and the spirit, using Yoga poses (asanas) to move into the depths of the body as the maximum expression of the spirit....
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