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Nurashikin Ahmad
A working mom who loves photography, reading, training, arts & crafts and cats :)
A working mom who loves photography, reading, training, arts & crafts and cats :)
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What to do with this google+

Blaming a society for copying another society is like talking about changing how the sun rises. If you are not part of either society, what is the point of this discussion?

Just prioritize - concentrate on matters that you can influence. Leave matters of concern as the lowest priority.

I was just told that I am sarcastic.
My answer: Tell me something I don't know.

Who died and made you King of Anything?

I don't actually know what I want to do with my Google+. It is a self-indulgent type of thing. I come back from time to time to write something deep. Whatever that means.

Are you trying to decipher this? Seriously? Trying to be the unqualified shrink?


Sometimes you just have to mirror people's "principles" just to have them taste their own medicine.

Not because you are unkind but to know that you hv done the best and it did not work. It is time for them to understand how it feels like.

#notpayback #educate

Even when people do not have time for you, make time for them.
Even when people do not have courtesy for you,
be courteous to them.
Even when you know they could choose to treat you better, treat them good always.
Even when they do could not care less about you, remember them in your prayers.
Because they are Gods gift to you to make your heart stronger and fills it with taqwa and protects it from hate, envy, rudeness, apathy and cruelty.

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This is so sweet

I use to dwell on friendship.

Now I dwell on akhirah.

10th March 2016

It is rather disappointing that some people are just not able to move from their old habits.

After experiencing the same hardship year after year, they are unable to do better. They live in a state where being reactive in priority one. By being reactive they would be able to show their ability to work under pressure. In the process of doing this, there hinder other people's processes.

The only way to make them learn is to lead them outside the ring...further away is better. 
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