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Basketful Greetings from BHARAT THAT'S INDIA.HOPE WE WILL BE GOOD FRIEND. WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you a Merry Christmas too :)
nice snap ! greetings & best wishes from India.
Meel PV
iOrbix is not working, any reason?

I made a post earlier yesterday, and posted on my profile, that we are intentionally having a downtime at this moment.

We are currently installing new resources on our server, so that we may support all the users we have.
This should be completed very soon.

After that, we hope that iOrbix isn't slow anymore :)

Thank you very much,

iOrbix is open again.
It took more time than we expected, because, as always, there were several unexpected issues that happened in the meanwhile.
Our team of experts have been hardworking for about 18 hours without sleeping, so, it's time to rest for now. :)

Thank you!
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