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+michael arrington on minorities in tech

"That's a weird question."
"I don't know a single black entrepreneur."
"Generally speaking, it doesn't matter what your education is, it doesn't matter who your parents are here, you can become very successful based purely on your brain size and how you use it."

This apparently sparked some debate on Twitter. And Everyone knows how much fun it is to debate on Twitter...!/search/%40arrington

This is a strange statement. Is he being literal in referring to brain size? And who compares brain size? Strange choice of words IMHO. And how does does a non-literal brain size or intelligence not relate to education? Okay, maybe you don't have a degree but you still self-educate or learn by experience.

It doesn't occur to Mike that education might have something to do with it, or lack thereof? Or the situation with college debt? Or access to nice laptops and a fast internet speed to illegally download commercial software in order to learn how to use it?

His statements are also somewhat conflicting. In this article he does know of one black founder, and we all know that there must be some around. If it's based on how you use your brain, why does he then go on to say he will fund someone if they were a minority or women regardless of their merits? And he also seems to suggest in this article that minorities get this boost?

Perhaps Mike Arrington is not the tech/social expert he or other people think he is. All the TC attention or Gillmor Gang has gone to his head. On the other hand, if this was a ploy to get a bunch of black tech people to contact him on twitter, it's pretty smart. I'm going to guess and say Arrington just doesn't know that many people in tech startups and that his opinions should be taken for what they're worth, somewhat anecdotal and limited.

Let's not forget that Leo once called him a "Troll" and an "Asshole."
Leo Laporte Blows up at Mike Arrington on the Gillmor Gang - June 6, 2009
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