P.S. We NEED developers (and are willing to pay them!), so read on!

So, as you know (at least 99% of you), yesterday we had the chance to chat with +Chris Fisher on the Linux Action Show and amongst the stuff we talked about was the fact that we announced that we're making an operating system and a desktop shell. We would also want to say a big "Thank you, your rock socks off!" to Chris and the LAS for that interview and for being awesome in general. 

Also yesterday we teased you with this mockup - https://plus.google.com/b/115833527622591803679/115833527622591803679/posts/AqCYsLfSdXr and we said that today we shall reveal more information, so here we go.

Firstly and most importantly, we are working together with +Nitrux S.A. on this project, so it is collaborative work from both teams and this operating system and desktop shell is one half from our collaborative work. The other half shall be revealed soon enough too. And it will be rad, we promise! :)

Now, off we go with details of this operating system and desktop shell.
 - We have designed this the way we want it to look and behave, we are far from being anywhere near newbies at the UI design, so it is professionally designed. Having said that, we are entitled to our own vision (as is everyone else), so we don't expect this to fit to everyone needs (that is impossible), but we believe our design is good enough to satisfy a plenty of persons.
 -  We are basing our shell on Gnome-Shell and we will use Gnome apps. Our shell will be made from extension for Gnome-Shell. That means we are NOT forking Gnome-Shell and we're not moving away from Gnome as a base. There have been some conclusions drawn yesterday (or rumours if you prefer this word) that we're forking stuff, so to clear up that confusion - we are not forking anything.
 - This operating system will come with Steam and games preinstalled, so we will target gamers with it. This is connected with our next big announcement, which we shall reveal in a few days. This however does not mean this will be gamers only operating system and as you can see from the mockups it will be perfectly suitable for any sort of non gaming work too. Think of it as normal distribution only that it is more gaming friendly.
 - The design of our desktop shell is really minimalistic, so do not expect this to have a plenty of customisation options. Surely there will be a handful, but you can safely say it will be one of the simplest things our there and if you are into customising the behaviour of your desktop shell a lot this will definitely not be your cuppa tea. 
 -  We will try to make at least some revenue out of this operating system, so at the very least we will have at option to buy it. We know people are entitled to like free (as in beer too) stuff, but you gotta realise this is a lot of work and we have invested not so small amount of time to design it.

So, now to business - WE NEED DEVELOPERS and we're even willing to pay them.
So, in order for this to become reality we are in need of developers. The only mandatory requirement is to know Java Script. We offer you chance to work with us on creating this piece of beauty and we will sure share any revenue out of it with you and we will even throw some OS revenue money at you. Our second big announcement will also include selling stuff (and we hope it will allow us to make some not shabby amount of cash), so we will share money from these sales with you. Coding this will take time and work and such labour ought to be paid, so we will pay you. 
If you are developer that knows JavaScript and want to help us and make some money out of it please mail us at team@numixproject,org.
So far we have one guy signed up for this - +Недялко Дяков.
We don't need hell of a lot of developers, three guys should be able to pull it off without much hiccoughs.

Design specifications:
The dock at the bottom behaviour will be intelhide. (there might be option to change that behaviour, but we can't say for sure if there will be one)
The applications launcher is fullscreen has no categories and the apps are ordered by usage. The most used apps go on top.
The dock will show running apps for the current workspace only. (though there will be an option to show apps for all wokspaces)
Dragging an icon from the dock or thumbnail will invoke the worksapce switcher so you can create a new workspace with dragging an icon or a window to the plus sign on the right.
Dock and panel loose background and borders when in Overview mode.
The notifications and the notification centre are at the top right.
The Search in overview is also able to start commands, though we won't nuke the Alt+F2 dialog, you can use it if you want.
Naturally we will continue to improve the design for further versions.

So, that's pretty much it, if you have ANY questions do not hesitate to ask us and again if you are a developer that knows JavaScript and wants to help and make some extra cash, please shoot us a mail at team@numixproject.org.

Cheeeeeeers, the Numix and the Nitrux team! =)
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