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P.S. We NEED developers (and are willing to pay them!), so read on!

So, as you know (at least 99% of you), yesterday we had the chance to chat with +Chris Fisher on the Linux Action Show and amongst the stuff we talked about was the fact that we announced that we're making an operating system and a desktop shell. We would also want to say a big "Thank you, your rock socks off!" to Chris and the LAS for that interview and for being awesome in general. 

Also yesterday we teased you with this mockup - and we said that today we shall reveal more information, so here we go.

Firstly and most importantly, we are working together with +Nitrux S.A. on this project, so it is collaborative work from both teams and this operating system and desktop shell is one half from our collaborative work. The other half shall be revealed soon enough too. And it will be rad, we promise! :)

Now, off we go with details of this operating system and desktop shell.
 - We have designed this the way we want it to look and behave, we are far from being anywhere near newbies at the UI design, so it is professionally designed. Having said that, we are entitled to our own vision (as is everyone else), so we don't expect this to fit to everyone needs (that is impossible), but we believe our design is good enough to satisfy a plenty of persons.
 -  We are basing our shell on Gnome-Shell and we will use Gnome apps. Our shell will be made from extension for Gnome-Shell. That means we are NOT forking Gnome-Shell and we're not moving away from Gnome as a base. There have been some conclusions drawn yesterday (or rumours if you prefer this word) that we're forking stuff, so to clear up that confusion - we are not forking anything.
 - This operating system will come with Steam and games preinstalled, so we will target gamers with it. This is connected with our next big announcement, which we shall reveal in a few days. This however does not mean this will be gamers only operating system and as you can see from the mockups it will be perfectly suitable for any sort of non gaming work too. Think of it as normal distribution only that it is more gaming friendly.
 - The design of our desktop shell is really minimalistic, so do not expect this to have a plenty of customisation options. Surely there will be a handful, but you can safely say it will be one of the simplest things our there and if you are into customising the behaviour of your desktop shell a lot this will definitely not be your cuppa tea. 
 -  We will try to make at least some revenue out of this operating system, so at the very least we will have at option to buy it. We know people are entitled to like free (as in beer too) stuff, but you gotta realise this is a lot of work and we have invested not so small amount of time to design it.

So, now to business - WE NEED DEVELOPERS and we're even willing to pay them.
So, in order for this to become reality we are in need of developers. The only mandatory requirement is to know Java Script. We offer you chance to work with us on creating this piece of beauty and we will sure share any revenue out of it with you and we will even throw some OS revenue money at you. Our second big announcement will also include selling stuff (and we hope it will allow us to make some not shabby amount of cash), so we will share money from these sales with you. Coding this will take time and work and such labour ought to be paid, so we will pay you. 
If you are developer that knows JavaScript and want to help us and make some money out of it please mail us at team@numixproject,org.
So far we have one guy signed up for this - +Недялко Дяков.
We don't need hell of a lot of developers, three guys should be able to pull it off without much hiccoughs.

Design specifications:
The dock at the bottom behaviour will be intelhide. (there might be option to change that behaviour, but we can't say for sure if there will be one)
The applications launcher is fullscreen has no categories and the apps are ordered by usage. The most used apps go on top.
The dock will show running apps for the current workspace only. (though there will be an option to show apps for all wokspaces)
Dragging an icon from the dock or thumbnail will invoke the worksapce switcher so you can create a new workspace with dragging an icon or a window to the plus sign on the right.
Dock and panel loose background and borders when in Overview mode.
The notifications and the notification centre are at the top right.
The Search in overview is also able to start commands, though we won't nuke the Alt+F2 dialog, you can use it if you want.
Naturally we will continue to improve the design for further versions.

So, that's pretty much it, if you have ANY questions do not hesitate to ask us and again if you are a developer that knows JavaScript and wants to help and make some extra cash, please shoot us a mail at

Cheeeeeeers, the Numix and the Nitrux team! =)
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Beautiful mockups! Looking nice, guys.
Just a wish, dont preload steam games. Game taste differs a lot and for example me, i dont like f2p. Just preinstall steam
This looks awesome for touch based interfaces. 
Also, check the mockups repo in github under numix.
Looks great! Too bad I'm not a more experienced programmer, and to bad I don't know more JavaScript, otherwise I would sign on to help develop! I would love to work on something like this.
I know JavaScript and used it in some unity3D games . but I didn't made any kind of "real" projects .
I hope I can help , but I'm just a beginner :b .
+Parker John Have you tried writing Gnome-Shell extensions? Because that's what we need. If you can write such stuff you are more than welcome to get on the carousel.
+Parker John We need JS developers for GNOME Shell extensions. You can try some tutorials on it.
Looks promising - not sure about the look of the search box or the screen edge workspace buttons (hello cinnamon), but the basic concept looks great, much simpler and to-the-point than Gnome Shell. It's amazing how much better/simpler/nicer a simple notification panel button is than that message tray thing in Gnome Shell.
+Numix Project +Satyajit Sahoo
Thank you very much , I will check the internet for GNOME shell extensions tutorials, but from the language side I don't have any problem . I will be more than happy to help :) .
the pop ups menus, search box, dock all have sharp edges but the application windows have rounded corners :/... that's the only thing I didn't like ... I won't be using the OS as I need to be ubuntu based for ppas but I will consider buying the shell
+Nomen Kultur We still haven't settled for distro on which we will base, so there is the option to base to 14.04. 
+Nomen Kultur. That's mostly because it's a mockup, certainly the actual shell won't have these issues.
+Numix Project
oh if it's 14.04 based I will definitely be a costumer. Good luck and I will be following this project
 +Nitrux S.A. the ugly design (rounded corners, oversized window chrome, etc) and the fact that they constantly break extensions and themes with every update is what made me start hating gnome3
+Nomen Kultur We will decide on distro on which to base when we get the developers ... until then there is the pressuring issue that we haven't settled for OS Name, OS Version Name and Desktop Shell Name. Nope, not kidding, we still haven't, but hey that's more of a fun part than actual work. :)
Very nice!
Btw, what is that first icon in the dock?
+Zagor T. The first icon is the workspace switcher mockup icon. The first circle icon is CS.
you could name it OS 1, doing so would even gather you more hype and publicity ehehehe
+Numix Project Will these extensions be available via For instance, I may want to run Arch Linux, vanilla Gnome Shell, and have a properly implemented Notification Center without having to use an entirely different desktop environment.
What are your goals with this? Why does there need to be a Numix flavored distro? You said you want to target gamers and sell it, but do you have reason to believe enough gamers will buy and use it so that you can recuperate the cost of paid developers?
Choose arch as base. It will be absolutely amazing. And please add locally integrated menus of Ubuntu 14.04
+Numix Project Fantastic! While I personally don't care what people use for their Linux distribution, I like the idea of the individual being able to jump between bases (ex. Ubuntu / Debian to Arch to Fedora) and be able to know they can get the same Numix extensions and the environment they desire. So even before you guys have gotten started on the extension work (I personally know JS but don't write Gnome Extensions), I want to thank you for not being close-minded and making your functionality only work with specific distributions and their release cycles.

+Inoki Sakaeru They already said: "We may even package it on distros repositories as seperate sessions. " =P 
Tim JP
Where did you guys learn how to make things pretty? I could not design a nice looking flowerpot even if my life depended on it. 
Please don't make the shell extremely entangled with the OS. Unity and Pantheon could be way more popular if it was easier to package them for other distros. You'll quickly pick up more contributors if you make it easy to contribute (have it on Github not Launchpad) and easy to use on other distros (increases popularity).
+Savannah King Norton I personally know +Inoki Sakaeru and the fact he's had issues with a very particular set of hardware and issues with it on Ubuntu in the past. Not sure if he's tried 13.10 as of late but I understand his claim regarding "instability" as his personal experience reflects his claims. Personally I never had instability with Ubuntu.
+Utku Birkan We have no plans to touch the menus. Also - LIM won't work on Gnome 3 apps.
+Savannah King Norton Wait for our next announcement, it will clear the monetising questions.
However we do realise that it will be hart to monetise the OS only especially if we provide it as free (in repositories and in gnome's extension site).
+Inoki Sakaeru We already said that "We may even package it on distros repositories as separate sessions."
+Inoki Sakaeru endless beta? Dude 2 years is nothing for a new updated stable operating system. If you want something stable don't use the inbetween releases clearly marked as less stable, duh! Use your head!!
+Savannah King Norton Because that way we can control the vision we have for it, in a good "we know what we're doing" way, mostly because of the UI.

Yes, but that's to come tomorrow (or when the next announcement is made).
+Savannah King Norton We won't, it's just our second announcement needs bit more work before we can announce it. We don't wanna announce incomplete stuff. :)
And I don't know any JS :/
+Kris Kalifornia It's hard to do an OS on your own, better with some help (hint, us).
+Numix Project & +Nitrux S.A. I'm a developer, my JavaScript isn't that good, would be possible to assist the three main developers with some tasks? I think getting my hands dirty will help me to get better at JavaScript, but I don't think my current skills are going to be enough to fulfill a complete working position as a JavaScript  developer. I could do this for free (or if revenue is enough a very small tip).

I also have skills on C, Java and C# (I don't think is that relevant) just in case I can help with something.
It will be a paid system or it will have a donate option? Will the nvidia drivers be installed along with Steam? 
+Alejandro Morales Lepe Well, Gnome-Shell extensions are fairly easy to write and if you know other languages and have coding logic you will be able to learn Java Script fairly quickly. So by all means, do shoot us an email. :)
+Tales Pádua We have not settled for monetising moment, what we know is "We will try to make at least some revenue out of this operating system, so at the very least we will have at option to buy it."
+Numix Project Thanks! I am willing to donate! And what about the nvidia drivers? This would be a great advantage for gamers, since manual installation of nvidia drivers is a pain.
+Alejandro Morales Lepe Well, you know other languages and have the programmer logic and gnome-shell extension are harly utterly hard to write, so you will be able to learn how to do them fairly fast. So by all means do shoot us an email. :)
+Blaž Mežnaršič On our part, because we have the intention of making the OS geared towards gamers, granted they (elementary) know their stuff, they really do, but as it has been mentioned by +Numix Project we're not doing a new environment but rather improving Gnome Shell, we're also no doing a whole set of new apps which would conform a whole new environment, like Pantheon is.

By the way no, the QtBox is not involved in this, that's a separate product (by us).
+Blaž Mežnaršič We are doing the QtBox yes, but that won't have the OS we both are working on, that will ship with Nitrux OS, an ARM based, KDE-running OS by Nitrux alone.
+Griko Muhammad Sultan Nibras As we're in need of Shell extensions the use of Javascript is a must, but you can help us by getting people who you think can help make them to contact us either replying here or at the Numix mail:

If you on the otherhand know other programming languages we're interested, here's our mail:
I must say... I apologize for my "forking hate war" I accidentaly did yesterday. It looks like you ARE aiming much higher than I suspected. Once I am done with my projects I will gladly help Numix in any way I can. Even if it would mean learning GNOME's JavaScript APIs or something. :)
BTW: Can't wait for you to announce your SteamBox that "you are going to announce". What else can that be? We can see nice Steam games icons there. And that:

"Yo' +AMD want to help us promote a gaming rig running Linux and your Radeon cards?  :P

Just asking." - Nitrux S.A.

It... will... rock.
+Tomasz Gałkowski Well if you want to help contact the +Numix Project  team at:

We only need just about 3 devs though so you can ask them about it :)
+Niko Lowry We haven't talked about that really, as our concern is more with the Shell itself and the gaming part of the OS, though attempting to fix that would require more manpower.
+Niko Lowry While it'd be nice we can't just go full on on fixing Gnome (or what we think is broken),also in a better scenario the developer of the gtk2 app would fix his app or rather port it to gtk3. Or that's one way to look at it.
hello. Iknow about javascript my email is:
and you can contact me in hangouts.
+Niko Lowry We can't just take every app under either umbrella and fix the UI issues, granted not everyone is a designer, we can at the very least offer design consulting. It's not hard to ping any of us and ask.

We want to help open source devs, that's a given (speaking strictly of us) by creating a support platform which is still in plans (more at the Nitrux blog).

However when you as dev. make an app for w/e environment or operating system there are guidelines that a dev. needs to follow, and those are important (we both know that) and it's precisely why some apps look awesome when integrated into their respective environments and some don't and the result is exactly that, not a great experience.
+Niko Lowry Of course just a friendly UI discussion (that usually sounds like this).

We can both (you and Nitrux) talk with Numix and see what we can all do about it, maybe not implement it right away but gradually.

We know you like them (the mockups) :P
+Niko Lowry check out elementary. Their main focus is UX/UI. They're also bringing in header bar into the next release Isis which is due shortly after Ubuntu 14.04
+Alex Kirk Please contact the Numix team:
Are you going to use Plank for the dock, or a Gnome Shell extension?
+Cameron Norman All of the mockups show what the Shell extensions would look like.
Sent my expression of interest. Hopefully its got enough info for you guys to get a feel for my skills. Happy to provide move just travelling as we speak so doing this on a phone.
So who are you people now?  It's great that you're paying for developers.. I would be interested to see how well GNOME's docs hold up.  Would it be possible for people to help in documenting extensiosn, perhaps write articles etc?
+Sriram Ramkrishna +Numix Project is a group of people dedicated to a visual brand, which includes the Numix GTK theme and and the Numix-Circle icon theme among others.

+Nitrux S.A. is Mexico-based start-up company, with interests in making hardware and software among other activities.

Documenting the extensions will have to be necessary for their correct creation and maintenance. The last part wasn't clear though.
Nice collab with +Nitrux S.A. .. while Nitrux doing the KDE mockup, you guys do for the GNOME one .. and the Shell itself of course one of a fork. 
I support this, but i kinda not to be one to test this as since i'm having too much DE or WM or even Desktop Shell to use.
+Alex Kirk And we're writing a reply email to all people that have offered help with coding the Gnome-Java Script extensions right now. 
This will be collborative work from both our teams and we're working on Gnome based distro.
The Nitrux guys are working on KDE based distro on their own. 
It is as simple as that.
+Joshua Strobl We have not decided on if will be available to download as .ISO for free, so we can't say. All that we have officially said is that "We will try to make at least some revenue out of this operating system, so at the very least we will have at option to buy it.", so that's we know.
Having said that we are not saying that there won't be a free .ISO version for sure, there might be, but we ought to settle on monetising strategy before we announce it.
+Numix Project I'd go the following method(s) if I were you guys..

Method One:
1. Free ISOs for alpha and beta builds. This allows individuals to test the OS, provide feedback, etc. without having to pay upfront.
2. Stable ISO for a fee, providing those that can prove they submitted bug reports, feedback, etc. a small discount (or provide an easy, pay-to-upgrade method from Beta to Stable).

Method Two:
1. Alpha & Beta ISOs for a fee, which helps pay for development. Those that pay for alpha / beta builds get access to Stable ISO when it is available. Alpha & Beta builds will cost less than Stable, prompting more individuals to pay, test, and get the OS for a lower price-point than Stable.

Personally I'd be more than willing to submit feedback on alpha or beta builds, hell I'd even be willing to pay for it if it meant I'd get access to Stable when it's release.

Just some ideas, of course. I completely respect the notion of monetization, even in the open source world, and look forward to helping (whether it be paying for said distro, services, etc, bug reporting, feedback).
Ubuntu would be an excellent base for the OS you're making, however please don't incorporate Mir. I prefer Wayland to Mir, as a lot of  other people do and X is fine for now.

I think everything should be free, it's the only way to have a good community around it with a lot of devs/testers.  

If you charge for the Alphas/Betas having testers is limited, if you charge for a stable iso, you isolate people from the experience you're trying to create. Catch-22 IMO..

Donations might be able to help fund the project. Your themes have been running on my work desktop and home. I need to contribute. 
+Devin Buhl Given Gnome Shell has built in support for Wayland and a lot of Wayland support coming in 3.12, I don't see them using Mir.
Very beautiful. I would love to see this on KDE :-) 
Nope, not happening, we were very clear this will be based on Gnome.
Hello , 
          i am vijay from india and i am following linux and i am linux fan , but unfortunately i am not able to do more for linux bcz i am web developer as well , but i read your post that you require javascript developers , so think this is the chance for me , i am JavaScript and nodejs developer  , so if you think i may be helpful then you can reply me for sure. thnanks for opportunity.
Vijay bambhaniya 
+Vijay Bambhaniya be aware that GNOME js is not the same as node.js.  You have to use the GNOME apis to do things.  We're actually getting a little better at documentation here thanks to +Giovanni Campagna who recently has been documenting gjs (the gnome javascript engine).

We are of course delighted that many of you are interested in this project and by extension the GNOME project.
In addition that, if you want to keep your changes as extensions, instead of forking, you will probably want to contact upstream shell developers (#gnome-shell in GIMPnet), so we can avoid incompatible changes that would be inconvenient to extension developers.
Luckily for you, most of the effort is now focused on the wayland support, which means the JS layer is mostly stable, except for bugfixes, but this doesn't mean there won't be changes (this for 3.12 and 3.14)
Are you still recruiting? I would gladly contribute to the project :)
Drum roll please...
My vote is a resounding "Yes".
I would also like to say that I would pay for a distro you guys put out. Thanks for being awesome +Numix Project 
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