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A modern visual brand.

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With the news that Google+ will likely be going away very soon make sure you follow us on one of our other social media!

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Happy new years eve folks! Some of you have rightly pointed out that our website needed a bit of an update, so here we are: brand spanking new site design with up to date content. Take a gander and let us know what you think :)

Our products page is still being finalised so keep an eye out for more updates there! If you spot an errors let us know here:
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After the posts this week, you might be asking "what's next?". In addition to the Android refresh mentioned earlier, here's a run down of some (but not all) of what's on the cards for the future:

1. Numix Folders, our folder theme switcher, is getting a major refresh which amongst other things will add Wayland support and fix /a lot/ of bugs.

2. Some of our other themes might be getting the same treatment as Shine & uTouch. That includes Technic, Bevel, Fold, and Hexagon. To what level each will be getting the update varies and is subject to time constraints, but we're gonna try and make it happen!

3. Our dynamic calendar icon program is getting a few new features, including additional colours made possibly made possible by contributor William Floyd!

4. More packages in more places. At the moment we're in the Debian/Ubuntu repos, Fedora repos, and AUR but we want to expand that to more distros and get more of our packages in those distros.

5. We'll be adding new folks to our team, including a social media manager! Sounds like something for you? Apply now here:
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Big one for today folks! We've given two of our old themes, Shine & uTouch, an update so that they use the same Core build system as Circle & Square. To get them, you'll have to build them from Core here:

What this means: both have has a massive increase in the number of the icons they have. uTouch went from 2641 to 3015. Shine went from 625 to 1388, more than doubling!

What this doesn't mean: these themes will be getting more updates. They're still unmaintained, they won't be getting new icons, they'll just be getting minor fixes that stop them becoming horribly broken.

Oh, and interested in joining us as our social media manager? Apply here!
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Here's your announcement for the 27th. We're looking for someone to join our team as a social media manager! This will free up more time for our designers and developers to focus on doing their thing while keeping you the community more in the loop about what we're up to.

Sounds like something for you? Click the link below to apply!
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Better late than never, here's your 26th update on the subject of Android! As you're probably aware we also distribute a series of Android icon themes through the Google Play Store. The most popular of these, Numix Circle, has been downloaded over 1 million times in fact which is amazing :D

For a while though, these themes have been largely stagnant with few if any updates and little news of their fate. We can now however formally announce that we're working on a refresh of the Android themes which will bring them up to date with their Linux brethren and make it easier to add new icons in future.

Keep an eye out for those landing on your phone in 2018 <3
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Merry Christmas everyone! Tis the season of giving and so we've got new releases of Numix Base, Circle, and Square which will be coming out to a distro near you very soon. It includes lots of great stuff including lots of symlinks for Flatpak apps and a whole range of new distro icons by our brilliant contributor William Floyd.

That's not all though; in the spirit of Christmas we'll be bringing you an announcement every day here from now until the New Year, so keep an eye out for those!
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Hey folks, long time no talk! Posting with some exciting news: we're in the process of open sourcing and updating a lot of the products we previously charged for.

The first of these is by far our most popular paid icon theme, Numix Square! It's been given a major update to bring it on par with Numix Circle, including counless contributions from community member William Floyd.

If you want either theme you can grab it from the packaging repos on GitHub (linked below), or wait until it hits the package manager of your favourite distro shortly.
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A new release of Circle is out! Changelog covers 39 new icons and 5 previous ones updated. You can either get it directly from GitHub (link below) or it should be landing in repos fairly soon.

For you Square users out there, thank you so much for your patience. We realise it's been a long time without news, but keep an eye out. We'll hopefully have something exciting for you by next week ;D
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Following some feedback on the workflow we've decided to simplify. Now rather than having separate repositories for icons sources & build scripts they're both contained in one called "numix-core".

All this means for the average Joe is that icon requests now go here:
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