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Active Investment management with individually-tailored portfolios and changes to your objectives anytime.
Active Investment management with individually-tailored portfolios and changes to your objectives anytime.

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Markets have been sharply declining, but we see better days ahead. The U.S. economy is strong, and concerns over China and oil will soon abate. Read more.

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Markets are wild, but don't sell out if you have the confidence in your investments. Read our letter to clients:

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 Join NUKU in SF! We are hosting luncheons (July 30/31) where we'll demo the NUKU service online, talk about our investment methodology, and give our opinion of financial markets and investment picks.

Come join us and learn more about NUKU.

Visit for July 30, or for July 31 to register.

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We are getting close to launch! In this blog post, we talk about what sets us apart from other ways you can have your investments managed. Amongst a bunch differences, the biggest are:

+ The ability to change your investment objectives any time, and

+ the fact that we review accounts at least hourly, and

+ we charge only one fee--there are no commissions or other direct/indirect fees.

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Our new site just went up in anticipation of our launch shortly. Initially, new accounts will be limited, so sign up for an invitation at

Read about Investing For Retirement:

Read about Retirement Investing:

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Time to consider a new financial advisor?

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Great blog post on 'Active' investment management.

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We've stopped taking any new Beta simulation signups as we prepare for the launch of our new investment management service. Existing simulation clients can continue to use the simulation and will be able to keep their accounts past our launch.

If you're interesting in following updates on our progress, make you sure signup on our home page

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Our beta simulation has been going great. The number of clients continues to grow, and we are now managing simulation accounts (these are paper-only accounts) with a wide variation in strategies and investments. We are even seeing clients open more than one account to likely test different strategies. Our plan is to keep the beta simulation open indefinitely, at least until we launch our public service, which will be later this year.

One of the things we have already learned in this beta simulation is that we need to make easily available the research we have done and are continuing to do on your holdings. Currently, you can view an overview and our outlook on each of your investment holdings on our website by simply 'clicking' on the investment in the Portfolio section. This might have not been so clear, so we'll work to make this more obvious. Also, you might have received an email indicating that research was updated on one of your investments. We are working to put the research update directly in the email so you don't have to jump to our website to see it.

We did have an issue with over-trading of some accounts, where we were being too exact in the allocation of investments. We can control the level of exactness (how closely we have your account mirror where we think it should be), and we've adjusted it so trading will be less frequent, but still within a range which we think is acceptable to achieve your Plan. In addition to adjustments that occur from price changes, we do also make adjustments as a result of changes in our research opinion on investments. These changes can be minor, resulting in slight adjustments, or major, in which you may see an entire investment removed and replaced by something we think is more suitable. Adjustments are the process of us 'actively' managing your account, and importantly, these adjustments, if your account were not a simulation account, would not result in any additional fees, as we will absorb all transaction costs.

Another addition soon to our website will be more Instructions on Plans. Instructions are the building blocks of Plans and they'll provide a myriad of ways to have your account more effectively managed. Stay tuned on this subject.

Registration for an invite to the beta simulation can be found at:
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