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challenge, adventure, diversity
challenge, adventure, diversity


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2016 Imparja Cup, 8 - 15 February 2016

Having a ball! NTGPE celebrated the Imparja Cup yesterday with a quick round of cricket.

The Imparja Cup, incorporating the National Indigenous Cricket Championships, is Australia's National Indigenous Cricket Carnival held annually in Alice Spings. This national celebration of cricket and Indigenous culture is held each year in February.

For more information about the carnival visit


The DoH have released the 2016 Salary Support Program Policy and I am happy to advise that most of the recommendations presented to the DoH are now reflected in the final policy.

The key issues:

- Eligibility for GPT1 Registrars in an AMS can be determined by the Training Post and NTGPE based on relevant experience and suitability of the GP Registrar.
- The maximum Salary Support available is 18 months rather than the proposed 12 months.
- Unfortunately the exclusion of GP Registrars doing an ARST remains in the policy, however all arrangements for 2016 will be honoured.

NTGPE will continue to work with RACGP and AMSANT to address the ARST exclusion. NTGPE are confident that the implementation dates will provide adequate time to prepare an argument for funding ARSTs in Aboriginal Health.

In closing, all GP Registrars can be assured that no change will impact on their training plan for 2016. 

Best wishes,

Dr Brett Dale

In her former career as a journalist, JFPP Amy Coopes has used her talents to write this brilliantly written story of her time in Laramba community as she now pursues a life in medicine.

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Stretching their legs on the trip back after their JFPP placements - Laura Constable (Harts Range), Duncan Hamilton (Ampilatwatja) and Jean Tucker (Utopia).


NTGPE continues to work closely with the DoH to ensure that changes to the Salary Support Program for IHT posts are minimal. The DoH today have verbally confirmed that 2016 arrangements that have been agreed to before the release of the new policy will be honoured. To that end, NTGPE expect that there will be no change to salary support to planned IHT posts for GP Registrars during 2016.

Together with many relevant stakeholders, NTGPE are asking for more flexibility in the policy. This includes:

- Eligibility for GPT1 Registrars in an AMS should be determined by the Training Post and NTGPE based on relevant experience and suitability.
- The maximum Salary Support should be extended to 18 months (historically salary support for NTGPE Registrars has been between 6-12 months with less than 10% receiving 18 months Salary Support).
- The exclusion of ARST salary support raises the most concern as it restricts those doctors most likely to continue practice in a AMS. On that basis we have asked that the exclusion be removed from the policy.

It is clear that the current level of funding will not increase. NTGPE argue that through collaboration will come innovation and there will be other strategies that can maximise Commonwealth investment in the salary support program.

In closing, all GP Registrars can be assured that no change will impact on them during 2016. The final policy is expected to be released prior to the New Year at which time we will communicate to all GP Registrars and stakeholders.

Dr Brett Dale



NTGPE is working with AMSANT to respond to the proposed changes by the Commonwealth DoH to the Salary Support Program for Aboriginal Health Training Posts.

It’s important to note that the proposed policy primarily maintains support to our current approach to Aboriginal Health training in the NT. We are however, making representation on two main points:

The limitation on GPT1 is to be prescribed and needs to further consider the ‘medical’ experience that a GP Registrar may have (proposed effective date 1 Jan 2017).

The exclusion of salary funding to FARGP (ARST) appears to disadvantage the sector by excluding senior GP Registrars. It also disadvantages the GP Registrar if they have not previously had salary support during other stages of training. Additionally, there is no provision for grandfathering unlike other changes (proposed effective date I Jan 2016).

NTGPE will keep you informed of the proposed changes.


Please be advised that both the NTGPE website and NTGPE GPR Placement Guide are now back online.

We thank you for all your patience over the last two weeks whilst we completed the updates.

Update to NTGPE website outage:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the NTGPE website and NTGPE GPR Placement Guide have only been taken offline this week in order to carry out some required updates.

It has been advised that the websites should be back online at the end of this week.

We will keep you all updated with any developments as we have it.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your continued patience.

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Here's our November intake for the John Flynn Placement Program during their Orientation week.
Now on placement in the Top End, we cannot wait to hear about all the experiences they have had when they return.

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Full details are listed at

Registrations need to be emailed to by 10.30am (Darwin time) tomorrow Wednesday 11 November.
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