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North San Diego Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.
The Premier Real Estate Investment Club in San Diego County.
The Premier Real Estate Investment Club in San Diego County.


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Building Your Real Estate Business the RIGHT WAY
When taking a look at the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, investors, athletes, and busi-nessmen, it’s clear that they all have at least one thing in common — their success was built on the platform of a strong foundation. When you combine solid fundamental principles with hard work and advanced techniques, the sky is the limit. Real estate is no different. Whether you’re an experienced real estate investor or just getting started in the business, applying this same ideology is crucial to building a successful and long-lasting business. Join us for a riveting presentation where local seasoned investor and NSDREI founder Rich Worcester will cover:

• How to Implement an “Adaptable Business Plan”
• What You Should be Doing to Educate Yourself
• Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Day Job! 
• Advanced Techniques to Stay Ahead of Your Competition
• Effective Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads
• Who to Surround Yourself With 
• How Rich is Investing in Today’s Market 

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to 
make sure your business is on the fast track to success!

About The Speaker: Rich Worcester, the founder of the NSDREI, was born and raised in Oceanside and has been a successful real estate investor and general contractor in San Diego for over 30 years. After graduating from college and being discharged from the Navy, Rich spent a decade working in Lockheed’s Research and Development Skunk Works Division where he helped create revolutionary aircraft technologies. From there, he moved on to his true passion — Real Estate Investing. Having over three decades of experience in many different aspects of the business, he truly is what some would refer to as a “guru.” He currently maintains many dif-ferent investments while also being an active real estate broker and licensed general contractor.

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A little look inside an NSDREI meeting.

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November 2015 Meeting Compilation Video

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Derek Walkington at The NSDREI
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Choosing Your Bait in an Overfished Market

with Derek Walkington at the North San Diego Real Estate Investors Association Meeting.

Date & TIme: January 19, 2016 at 6:00 pm
Location: El Camino Country Club, Oceanside, CA
Price: $20.00 online at until noon the day of the meeting or $30.00 at the door.

Competition is tough, margins are down, and deals are thin. There are too many people fishing in the same pond, right? It doesn’t have to be that way. Developing a specialized niche in real estate will help narrow your focus, become an expert, network with individuals within that niche, and begin building wealth by taking action and executing a plan. Join us in January to hear Derek Walkington talk about creating a specialized real estate niche and fine tuning it into a micro-niche. Learn where he is finding deals and why his profits are going up, not down.

In this informative presentation, Derek will cover:
How to Identify the Best Niche for You
How to Create Your Personal Micro-Niche
How to Comb Data to Uncover Deals
Where to Pick Low Hanging Fruit that Others Ignore
Recent Deal Examples and lots of Q & A Opportunities
Don’t miss this opportunity to make a name for yourself by carving a real estate niche that combines your interests with local market opportunities.

About The Speaker: With a degree in English Literature in hand, Derek entered the teaching profession, only to discover by chance his heart was in construction. Shortly thereafter, Derek left his teaching position to work in various construction trades. After many home remodels, he realized he had found his niche in real estate—rehabs and rentals. Over the years, Derek has embraced education and tactical advice from his mentors, while learning to specialize in micro-niches by creating opportunities where few were looking. Over the past 10 years, Derek has acquired a number of properties and has a thriving buy & sell business. He is licensed as a real estate agent and general contractor and loves complicated deals with many moving parts and problems to solve.

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 Economist Robert Campbell at the North San Diego Real Estate Investors Association, Tuesday November 17, 2015 at 6:00 pm.

The California Real Estate Market: Where it Goes from Here and Why
Are you ready to learn what Robert Campbell’s key market timing indicators are currently signaling for the California housing market?  Robert has so much data-driven information to reveal about the housing market and the economy that he promises you will be well ahead of the curve in knowing what the future foretells.
Here is a small sampling of what you will learn:
·      Is now a good time to buy, or should you wait?
·      Is the U.S. destined to copy Japan’s 1990 to 2015 housing market experience?
·      What key timing indicators you should be watching—and how to “read” the signals that tell you the market is about to change.
·      How to avoid the single biggest mistake in real estate and how to protect yourself.
·      Learn Three Market Truths—and why ignoring them can be disastrous to your wealth.
·      When the next bear market in housing is likely to start—and how far prices could fall.
Based on the key housing market indicators identified in his book entitled Timing the Real Estate Market, The Campbell Real Estate Timing Model has accurately predicted the rise and fall of California real estate prices with a success rate of 85 to 90% for the last 33 years. As proof, he’ll show you the charts. Is NOW a good time to buy, or should you wait? Is NOW a good time to sell, or are prices still going higher? Come hear Robert Campbell speak to find out.
About our Speaker: Robert Campbell has been eating, sleeping, living and breathing real estate from the time he learned how to walk. Early on, he learned that real estate markets are a lot like roller-coaster rides, where spectacular climbs are frequently followed by spectacular falls. Today, Robert Campbell is a real-estate economist (UCLA), author, investor, and publisher of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter, a 100% data-based market-timing advisory for California investors. His book, Timing the Real Estate Market, presents what Robert calls “The Campbell Method,” which successfully employs five key trend indicators to signal the coming peaks and valleys of real estate cycles.

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Added photos to Dyches Boddiford - The Truth About Trusts at The North San Diego Real Estate Investors Association Meeting.
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$20.00 online at until noon the day of the meeting or $30.00 at the door. Paid annual members are free.

Dyches Boddiford


Have you ever tried searching for the owner of a property, but were unable to find out who it was? Well, that’s probably because the owner shielded their identity with a land trust or other entity. With property records available at the mere touch of a button, being able to limit your public exposure and protect your privacy is more important than ever. Often misunderstood, the instrument of a land trust is a simple and easy-to-use tool that can shield your assets and protect your family for years to come. Dyches Boddiford, a renowned full-time real estate investor and expert in the field of Trusts, is here to teach us what he knows. Topics covered will be:
•  What is a Land Trust and What are the Benefits?
•  Understanding the Components of a Land Trust and How to Use it Properly
•  How to Create Your Own Land Trust
•  Differences Between The Land Trust vs. The Living Trust
•  Examination of Multiple Detailed Case Studies
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn how to protect, privatize, and prosper!
About the Speaker:
After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1973 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physics and a Masters in Information & Computer Science, Dyches spent some time in Corporate America before buying his first investment property in 1980. By 1991, he began working full-time in his real estate investments and in 1992 earned more than he had working for his old employer. A past president of the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association (GaREIA), Dyches has been a national speaker on the topic of real estate investments and entity strategies for 25 years. Dyches has remained a full-time real estate investor, and he feels that only by being active in real estate investing can he bring real world experience to his classes and materials.

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Pricing listed below. Go to to sign up.

Creating Your Own Inventory

"High Profit Margins, Little Competition, and Opportunities Everywhere"
Saturday, October 3, 2015 from 8:30 to 12:30
Location: El Camino Country Club, Oceanside CA
Having trouble finding inventory in today’s market? Do you want the inside track on the real estate investment strategy everyone’s talking about, but only few are actually doing? Prevailing market conditions will dictate which strategies to employ, and right now successful investors are creating their own inventory and making a killing with NEW CONSTRUCTION. Building quality new homes can be easier than rehabbing many existing properties, and they are in extremely high demand by buyers everywhere. Come join us for a delicious hot breakfast and special 4 hour information-packed Saturday event where Leo Clark, a successful land developer and new construction specialist, teaches the in-depth strategies and secrets he has employed to build his business to outstanding levels. He will go into immense detail regarding…
Understanding the many components of the new-construction process.
How to find, identify, and acquire build-able lots to create big pay days!
What you should look for when evaluating lots and land for building.
How to subdivide a parcel into multiple lots for building.
How doing just this one thing can be a deal killer!
How to create a “Power Team” that will get your deals funded, built, and sold.
Detailed Case Studies on numerous current and past projects.

Registration and Breakfast: 8:00 AM, Presentation: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Seating is limited

Reservations on/before 9/15 -Members: $49.00, Non-members $79.00
After 9/16 and on or before 9/29 - Members $69.00, Non-members $99.00
After 9/29 and at the door - Members $89.00, Non-members $119.00

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Sign up for the workshop at:
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