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I know some of you have been asking for our travel schedule so without any further delay here it is! +Olga Garcia 

Monday, July 7 State College
Tuesday, July 8 Rochester, NY
Wednesday, July 9 Syracuse NY
Thursday, July 10 Ottawa, CA
Saturday, July 12 Montreal, ON, CA
Tuesday, July 15 Cambridge, MA
Wednesday, July 16 Portland, ME
Thursday, July 17 Portsmouth, NH
Friday, July 18 Concord, NH
Monday, July 21Cape Cod
Tuesday, July 22 Providence RI
Wednesday, July 23 Brooklyn, NY
Thursday, July 24 Atlantic City, NJ
Monday, Aug 4 Albany, NY
Tuesday, Aug 5 Buffalo, NY
Wednesday, Aug 6 Ann Arbor, MI
Thursday, Aug 7 South Bend, IN
Tuesday, Aug 12 Grand Rapids, MI
Wednesday, Aug 13 Ft. Wayne, IN
Thursday, Aug 14 Indianapolis, IN
Friday, Aug 15 Indianapolis, IN
Tuesday, Aug 19 Toledo, OH
Wednesday, Aug 20 Lansing, MI
Tuesday, Sept 2 Madison, WI
Wednesday, Sept 3 Milwaukee, WI
Thursday, Sept 4 Greenbay, WI
Tuesday, Sept 9 Fargo, ND
Wednesday, Sept 10 Sioux Falls, SD
Thursday, Sept 11 Des Moines, IA
Friday, Sept 12 Omaha, NE
Monday, Sept 15 Cheyenne, WY
Tuesday, Sept 16 Denver, Co
Thursday, Sept 18 Provo, UT
Friday, Sept 19 Salt Lake city, UT
Monday, Sept 22 Reno, NV
Tuesday, Sept 23 San Francisco, Ca
Thursday, Sept 25 Portland, Or

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+November Lima do you mean South Bend, Indiana? I tried to find South Bend, IL on Google Maps and it took me to the South Bend Regional Airport in Indiana.
I only need the following results for the evening of 7 /1 /14 thank you.
Monday, Sept 29: Shipping the bus to Europe? ;)
laura j
Why no Chicago? You have Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.... Why pass up Illinois? :(
Looks like they could add a couple Chicago or just Illinois dates between Aug 20 and Sept 2. Since they have to drive through the area anyways. 
Might try to catch up with ya on I-80 between Omaha and cheyenne. Maybe Grand Island, NE could be a fuel/pit stop? 
When do you sleep? That's a lot of travel. Wow. 
Also, any reason why Madison and Milwaukee are in caps? 
+November Lima Any chance of going to Appleton, WI instead of Green Bay, WI? Depending on the route you take you will pass right through it.  Its about 35-40 minutes south of Green Bay and my resistance community here could provide a better turn out for you as its more centrally located. 
Tony M
Ottawa, ON, Canada... just to be specific...
Oh man, just barely dodging Boise, ID. Hope to catch you next time :)
No Western Canada? sigh..
Gee, I could go to Rochester, Syracuse, Ottawa, Montreal, and Albany!
Can I be on the list of event invitees for the Gencon days? :)
And hopefully it's not too long before we find out where November Lima is going to be on Saturdays. ;-)
+Ben McFarland I know it's a van! -_-
Anyway... We could try to procure one of those over here... I know it's gonna be really hard to find a van in Europe, but I'm sure if we all search we'll find one. :)
+Jordy Dijkxhoorn I heard from my cousing that a friend of a friend of his step-sister told him that maaaayyyybe Citroën would do few of these as a special request... But not sure though! =/
+November Lima Alaska is notably missing from that list. You can reach it by road... Honest. We're not an island.
That is a whole lot of driving.
You're driving all the way across the state of Connecticut... Through towns such as Essex and Niantic... and skipping us entirely, when you have several large cities in Connecticut along the I-95 corridor between Providence and Brooklyn... Hell, you're passing right through a town that held an artifact for 12 hours, and was an anchor during a global op, and another town that was integral in the movement of Jarvis shard 1. It'd be really nice to be shown some love. +Brian Rose +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Ingress
Now I know why Philly and Chicago have been left out; they have been drawn for an XM anomaly!
It'd be awesome if there was an attendance badge for this. Just sayin' >.>
the no stops in conneticut thing is mighty weird.
Agreed. Lots of large cities in CT that could host some rather large groups of Ingress players. Why no love for Connecticut but nearly all surrounding states in the area?
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