We are happy to announce the the official tour dates For #NL1331EU this summer!
Stay tuned for event pages and more announcements soon. We will also start the process of identifying POCs for each area immediately!

25-May-2018 Castle Kaltenberg
26-May-26-2018 Castle Kaltenberg
27-May-27-2018 Castle Kaltenberg
30-May-30-2018 Prague, Czech Republic
31-May-31-2018 Krakow, Poland
2-June-2018 Lviv, Ukraine
4-June-2018 Kyiv, Ukraine
6-June-2018 Chisinau, Moldova
8-June-2018 Bucharest, Romania
10-June-2018 Sofia, Bulgaria
12-June-2018 Budapest, Hungary
13-June-2018 Vienna, Austria
15-June-2018 Florence, Italy
17-June-2018 Milan, Italy
19-June-2018 Zurich, Switzerland
22-June-2018 Lyon, France
25-June-2018 Barcelona, Spain
27-June-2018 Valencia, Spain
29-June-2018 Madrid, Spain
1-July-2018 Toulouse, France
4-July-2018 Paris, France
6-July-2018 London, England
8-July-2018 Ghent, Belgium
11-July-2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
12-July-2018 Deventer, Netherlands
14-July-2018 Cologne, Germany
16-July-2018 Frankfurt, Germany
18-July-2018 Munich, Germany
20-July-2018 Berlin, Germany
21-July-2018 Hamburg, Germany

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