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Today 9:30AM–12:30PM, 3:30–7:30PM
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"He's amazing and the staff are like family."
"I highly recommend you check him out!"
"He is very knowledgable and seems to be up on the latest and greatest."
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Donald Codling's profile photo
Donald Codling
a month ago
The quality of care and careful attention provided by Dr. Moses has been exceptional over the several years I have been seeing him. His skills and attention to the whole body, mind and spirit of overall health have made a dramatic improvement on my mental and physical well being. His efforts and skills have greatly improved my quality of life and comfort, especially after my many long plane rides in coach-LOL! I really appreciate the quality of his staff (thanks Summer for always finding a way to get my wife and I seen after a long trip) and the facilities at both Lee Highway and Courthouse are excellent. I cannot imagine ever seeing any other Chiropractor or rehab specialist...thanks so much!!
• • •
Dat Tran's profile photo
Dat Tran
a month ago
Dr. Moses and his team are fantastic. After seeing him a few times, I already feel much better about resuming my activities as a runner and a climber. He's knowledgeable, communicates well and offers a lot of insight on what's going on with your body and how to prevent future injury. I highly recommend you check him out! Don't forget he also has an office in Courthouse as well!
stacey kasoff's profile photo
stacey kasoff
2 weeks ago
I highly recommend this office !! Dr. Moses and his team are the BEST ! They are thorough, thoughtful, helpful, friendly, organized, timely and so much more. They also take insurance and file all claims for patients. My first visit here was when I bent over one day and my lower back seized up. A friend had recommended I call them and they immediately set up an appt for me to help relieve my back situation! And they fixed it ! I've been continuing to go here as needed for my neck, back, and a torn hip labrum. I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Moses so that he can keep me doing my workouts pain free and avoid surgery or shots ( that didn't even work) I always leave feeling tremendous pain relief. I had tried many other doctors and other physical therapy places prior but finally found Arlington Pain and Rehab! I have also taken my daughter to the office a few times when she needed to be seen after a sports injury. Dr. Moses seems to always have the answer and can help whether its for headaches, neck pain, back pain or even proper sports taping. They are great with adults and kids and I highly recommend Dr. Moses and his team! Thank you Arlington Pain and Rehab!
• • •
Meghan Barrett's profile photo
Meghan Barrett
3 years ago
I first started going to Nova Pain & Rehab about a year ago and saw Dr. Monaghan, who was hands down the best medical professional I've ever seen. When he left the practice, I was really disappointed and stopped going for about 10 months, but recently started experiencing lower back pain (which I'd never had before). I set up an appointment with Dr. Mac, who has proven to be a great addition to the practice. He clearly has many years of chiropractic experience, and really cares about getting his patients back to optimal health. As someone who doesn't believe that medication or lots of medical appointments are the solution to all problems, I really appreciate that Nova Pain & Rehab shares my values about holistic health and wellness, and encourages patients to take ownership of and be an active part of their health and recovery. Not only does Nova Pain & Rehab have quality practitioners, it also has the best staff of any medical practice I've been to. The reception and billing staff are extremely polite and courteous, and are always willing to help you out. They are committed to making sure your appointment happens as close to the scheduled time as possible, and have been very accommodating the couple of times I've been more than just a few minutes late due to traffic. The office hours and appointment times are also highly convenient for people who work during the day. The technicians are super friendly and everyone always has a smile on their face. Asyd (I should have confirmed the spelling of his name!) usually takes me back and sets me up in the room, and he is very warm and welcoming and is genuinely concerned about how you're doing. In short, I've recommended Nova Pain & Rehab to everyone I know who is in need over the past year, and will continue to do so. Thanks for being such a great practice!
• • •
Christina Russo's profile photo
Christina Russo
a month ago
Dr. Moses heals people. He's amazing and the staff are like family. I've seen Dr. Moses for about 5 years. He's helped with my back, hips, headaches, seen me through two pregnancies, you name it. His approach is holistic - he's great with chiropractics, of course, but also soft tissue and mechanics and anything else you need. My husband's seen him and other docs in the practice (per availability) and I've heard they're all great. Book in advance to reserve your spots on his calendar - the treatment is worth it. I've referred several others and they've all been glad they went!
• • •
Jordyn Cosme's profile photo
Jordyn Cosme
in the last week
I have seen many chiropractors over the years due to various sports injuries and a car accident - Dr. Moses is by far one of the best chiropractor I have ever been to for treatment, if not the very best. Dr. Moses addresses the root cause of your injuries and does not simply treat the symptoms. He takes time to do muscle work and targeted stretching prior to adjustments to help loosen up the problem areas - it's like getting a mini-sports massage tailored to your injury to enable better joint movement. He genuinely cares for the well-being of his patients and wants to help them recover and re-integrate activities they may have stopped due to injury. Dr. Moses also took the time out of his personal schedule to do a gait analysis for me on a weekend so I could get the proper type of running shoes to support my specific athletic needs. His passion and skill are unrivaled and I am happy to both give him my highest recommendation for chiropractic and sports injury care and thank him for helping me get back on track post-injury.
• • •
Response from the owner - in the last week
Hi Jordyn, Your review truly humbles me. I'm thrilled to know that you are, both satisfied with our clinic a back to your old self.
Melissa Cecchine's profile photo
Melissa Cecchine
2 years ago
Got a bad back? Dr. Moses is the guy to see. Dr. Moses has been so helpful to me over the past five years with the unfortunate numerous back issues that I have had. He is very knowledgable and seems to be up on the latest and greatest. He also provides great suggestions for general overall health and well being. I always highly recommend him to people who ask me for a chiropractor recommendation. Also when I have needed an appt at a time when Dr Moses is unavailable, Dr Mac has been really good as well.
• • •
Mlc">A Google User
7 years ago
I've been seeing Dr. Mike Moses for the past 5 years. And he's really put me on the road to recovery by helping heal of a number of issues of mine, specifically low back, hamstring, shoulder and knee joint pain. I've tried a lot of chiropractors and none come close to Dr. Mike. He focuses on getting to know me, my athletic history, and my body. Plus, he offers a level of service that pales in today's current healthcare system. — Jim Scott Polsinelli


Meet the Arlington Pain and Rehab doctors at the Clarendon office: Dr. Moses, Dr. Kyle and Dr. Stacy! You can find out more about them on our website (
Donald Codling's profile photojenny Peri's profile photoMarsha Coleman-Adebayo's profile photoGregory Olson's profile photo
Dr. Moses and Dr. Reeb have both been amazingly helpful with my neck and back alignment issues. I've been to so many chiropractors who quite honestly scare me with their adjustment techniques, but these guys are top notch, have the kindest and most attentive staff and just go above and beyond the basics each and every time I visit their offices. I can't recommend them enough!
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Looking for a better way to roll out your adductors? We see major hip issues with runners in our office due to tight/spastic adductors along side weak/deconditioned hip abductors. Having your hip musculature tested can identify these imbalances. Ask me on your next visit to our office. #hippain #lowbackpain #runnersinjuries#arlingtonpainandrehabclarendon

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Moses does 42 pullups at the crossfit games.
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Dr. Moses with Olympian and friend Ahmed and his trophies.
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Dr. Logan, Michael Wardian and Potomac River Running clean up Arlington Virginia Trails
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Plantar Fasciitis Diagnosis and Treatment
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Plantar Fasciitis exercises and foot strengthening for runners
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Relief for runners with outside knee pain also known as IT band Syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (IT Band Syndrome) is a common injury our chiropractors here at Arlington Pain and Rehab treat. It is painful, frustrating, and can linger if not properly treated. Runners, whether seasoned veterans or beginners, can find themselves suffering from knee pain caused by IT Band Syndrome. So, what exactly is IT Band Syndrome?

IT Band Syndrome, also known as Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome, or Runner’s Knee, is an overuse injury that causes inflammation and pain on the outside of the knee. The IT band is a thick strip of fascia that runs along the femur from the hip down to where it attaches on the tibia, or shin. It crosses the knee joint and tracts above the lateral condyle of the femur, a bony bump on the outside of the knee. Between the IT band and this bump is a fluid filled bursa sac that helps reduce friction and rubbing of the IT band as the knee flexes and extends, the exact motion required while running. This repetitive movement of the knee, coupled with inward rotation of the leg, tightens the IT band over the bursa sac, forming an impingement zone. The repetitive compression leads to inflammation of the IT band, bursa sac, and a highly innervated fat pad in the area, leaving all too many runners in pain and underperforming (

It is not solely the repetitive flexing and extending of the knee that causes IT Band Syndrome. A key factor is the inward rotation of the leg during such repetitive motion. This inward rotation is what causes the added compression and friction in the impingement zone, and can be due to many different factors. Old, worn down shoes or flat arches can over-pronate the foot, which will pull the ankle into a poor position and rotate the knee and leg in toward the midline of the body. Running long distances on uneven ground like the side of the road, or running laps in the same direction on an angled track over and over again can cause inward rotation of the leg as well. While training, try to alter your terrain and alternate directions as you run on the track. Outside factors aside, poor running mechanics that stem from the ankle, knee, hip, or torso can cause inward rotation of the leg. Weakness in the hip musculature that keep the knee from rotating in can also leave a runner experiencing IT Band Syndrome ( Our doctors have also observed that runners who have a long leg/short leg discrepancy, where one of their legs is slightly longer than the other, typically have IT Band Syndrome on their long leg.

Runner’s World has named IT Band Syndrome as “one of the most common overuse injuries among runners” ( In fact, IT Band Syndrome is the culprit behind 1 in every 20 leg injuries in runners. IT Band Syndrome doesn’t just attack runners either. 1 in every 25 leg injuries in athletes performing vigorous physical training is caused by IT Band Syndrome (Ingraham, 2016).

IT Band Syndrome can be a difficult injury to overcome, and if left untreated can linger for months, greatly hindering training efforts and performance. With chiropractic care and an effective treatment plan, a severe case of IT Band Syndrome can be healed in 4-6 weeks ( Our chiropractors at Arlington Pain and Rehab can evaluate the range of motion of the knee, examine the muscles around the knee for myofascial adhesions that affect movement patterns, adjust the body to ensure proper alignment, and perform gait analysis to correct improper running form. We also use a 3D Foot Leveler Imaging tool to identify asymmetries throughout the body and fit runners with corrective orthotics. This is especially helpful for runners with a long leg/short leg discrepancy. Depending on the individual runner’s specific issue causing IT Band Syndrome, our chiropractors will design a treatment plan that may include self myofascial release of muscular adhesions, improvement of poor running mechanics, and physical therapy exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hips, knees, and ankles. Our team at Arlington Pain and Rehab can help relieve you of knee pain, get you back to training, and shave seconds, if not minutes, off of your race times!

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Dr. Moses working with USA touch rugby world cup Coffs Harbor Australia 
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If Trump can run, so can YOU washington D.C.
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