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U.S. Supreme Court Ruling; Police cannot prolong stop’s duration beyond its initial purpose, without reasonable suspicion.

Ruling being called a win for 4th Amendment Protections against unlawful detentions, searches and seizures of drivers. 

The US Supreme Court held that it would be unlawful if it resulted in the overall stop being “prolonged beyond” the time reasonably required to complete the mission of the stop, in absence of reasonable suspicion; and that detention drawn out after the resolution of the traffic matter for the K-9 drug check was in in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

This article contains the following features: 

• Case Summary; ;
• Overview of US District Court ruling; 
• Overview of Appeals Court ruling; 
• Overview of U.S. Supreme Court 
• Impacts of Ruling on Courts and Drivers in Arizona; 
• Your 4th Amendment Rights at a Stop: 
• Arizona Criminal Defense 

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Tips Scale towards 4th Amendment Rights at Police Stops

Police cannot prolong stop’s duration beyond its initial purpose, without reasonable suspicion.

This is a positive ruling that recognizes 4th amendment protections against unlawful detentions, searches and seizures of drivers. 

The US Supreme Court held that it would be unlawful if it resulted in the overall stop being “prolonged beyond” the time reasonably required to complete the mission of the stop, in absence of reasonable suspicion; and that detention drawn out after the resolution of the traffic matter for the K-9 drug check was in in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

This article contains the following features: 

• Case Summary; ;
• Overview of US District Court ruling; 
• Overview of Appeals Court ruling; 
• Overview of U.S. Supreme Court 
• Impacts of Ruling on Courts and Drivers in Arizona; 
• Your 4th Amendment Rights at a Stop: 
• Arizona Criminal Defense 

In its decision the U.S. Supreme court did not repudiating the Government’s argument that if an officer could incrementally prolong a stop, and earn bonus time by completing the initial traffic matter expeditiously, in enable them to conduct a K-9 check within a reasonable amount of time, then the detention for the K-9 check is lawful.  

Discussion Questions 

• Do you think it should be lawful for police to proceed with a K-9 check or other criminal investigation without reasonable suspicion, even if the duration is not prolonged past a reasonable amount of time to complete the initial mission? 

• Should more parameters be drawn for what is a “reasonable amount of time”? If so, how might that be accomplished? 

• What is to prevent police agencies or officers from being trained to perform routine tasks in a different sequence such that allow for K-9 checks and other criminal searches to be conducted within a reasonable amount of time, that does not prolong the initial stop, in absence of reasonable suspicion (from Justice Alito’s dissent)?   

• Law enforcement agencies with more resources in background checks and technology might be able to complete a stop more expeditiously than a jurisdiction with lesser resources.  How will that impact the rights of drivers in jurisdictions with more resources v. less technology in absence of reasonable suspicion to extend the stop? 

Police cannot prolong stop’s duration beyond its initial purpose, without reasonable suspicion.  Case analysis; Impacts of Ruling on Arizona; Your 4th Amendment Rights at a Stop: Arizona Criminal ...
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Fighting for Client's Rights in DC

+K. Lawson Wellington of +The Law Office K. Lawson Wellington DC DUI Traffic Attorney shares an illustration of how without retaining experienced criminal defense attorney, exculpatory evidence might not be presented.  +K. Lawson Wellington requests to see footage of police cam, which was finally handed over at his request. +The Law Office K. Lawson Wellington also urges drivers not to take roadside field sobriety tests. 

#‎InCourt DUI trial call except the government has - after two (2) requests - not provided me with the 'body cam' footage: captured at the arrest. The prosecutor makes my argument as to why the judge should grant my anticipated request for continuance. Judge: "That request is granted."

Body cams in #DC #DUI matters are a relatively new phenomenon. If you are 'suspected' of a DUI in DC, REFUSE - refuse! refuse! refuse! - to perform all field sobriety tests! #conductyourselfaccordingly#imdonehere‪   #‎DCLawyer #washingtondcduiattorney   #dcduiattorney   #dctrafficlawyer   #dctrafficattorney
 — at DC Superior Court.
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How Social Media can Impact Your Family Law Case 

+Brian M. Fishman of +The Fishman Firm shares this extraordinary curation from an article of +The Law Office of Diana C. Schimmel, Esquire 's recent newsletter. 

+The Law Office of Diana C. Schimmel, Esquire provides do's and don'ts for using social media if you have a legal matter pending in the family law arena.

Family Lawyer Shares About Sharing

Top Philadelphia family law attorney +The Law Office of Diana C. Schimmel, Esquire discusses in her most recent newsletter the impact that social media shares can have in the family law arena.

As Diana points out, social media can be a great place to celebrate accomplishments, see pictures of your children or catch up with friends and family. And, those are all positive uses of social media.

But, as Diana warns, it should not be used to sling mud at your estranged spouse, make negative comments about your children or even post things that could hurt you in your divorce, custody or support hearings. This is excellent advice and should be considered in all areas of law, especially criminal law.

Imagine you tell a support master that you don't make enough to pay your estranged spouse alimony or your children support and then opposing counsel pulls out a picture of a BMW with you statement, "Check out my new weekend wheels". How do you think that will play in support court?

I have had clients charged with drug and gun offenses who are tried and convicted. They deny having any involvement with either. And, then the prosecutor brings pictures from their social media page into court at sentencing showing them holding a gun in one hand and fanned out 20 dollar bills in the other. You just asked the judge to sentence you to more time.

So, please take Diana's advice and be very careful before you push the "post" button on any social channel as whatever you say is being watched and can be used against you.  As always, great advice from +The Law Office of Diana C. Schimmel, Esquire.

#PhiladelphiaFamilyLawyer   #TopFamilyLawyer   #TopDivorceLawyer   #TopCustodyLawyer   #PhiladelphiaSupportLawyer   
Important Reminder... Don't forget that The Law Office of Diana C. Schimmel, Esquire handles cases in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware and Bucks Counties in PA as well as Camden, Burlington, Gloucester Counties in New Jersey.
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Thank you very much for highlighting my newsletter and this issue!!
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Fascinating Article about Brain Re-mapping for Cerebral Palsy

+Jesse Reiter of +Reiter & Walsh, PC: Jesse M. Reiter, JD +Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers shares an article about this amazing workshop for youths with Cerebral Palsy that focuses on brain re-mapping.

Anat Baniel’s clinic for kids with cerebral palsy and their parents is in June. The clinic focuses on brain re-mapping & improved movement, a concept termed "neuromovement."
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Children Attacked by Dog while Walking Home 

+Dave Abels of +Abels & Annes, P.C. +Abels & Annes, P.C. Personal Injury Attorneys in Chicago IL and Phoenix AZ provide an update regarding a tragic dog attack in Phoenix AZ. +Dave Abels shares information about the strict leash laws as they pertain to liability in Arizona in these types of situations.  

An awful story that makes me nervous as a parent when my kids walk to and from school. Two kids walking from school were attacked by dogs in the Phoenix area.

While our office has handled a lot of dog attack cases, and we just settled a six-figure case last year in Arizona, these cases still make me cringe.
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Any dog attack is bad, but it's really scary when kids are the victims.  Thanks for sharing +The Law Office of James E. Novak.
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Infant Suffers Burns Resulting From Scalding Hot Water from Faucet 

+Dave Abels +Abels & Annes, P.C. +Abels & Annes, P.C. shared this post. 

+Dave Abels shares the tragic story of how an infant suffered severe burns after the infant accidently turned the hot water handle.  
+Abels & Annes, P.C. explains how the water that came out reached over 160 degrees fahrenheit in violation of building safety codes. 

Injury cases are always tough when a child is involved. In this premises liability lawsuit our client was badly burned due to a hot water heater with improperly set temperatures, in violation of the Chicago Municipal Code.
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Personal Injury Attorney Serving MorganTown WV 

+Jeffery Robinette +Robinette Legal Group, PLLC 
experienced, and dedicated has been representing victims of serious injuries for nearly 25 years. 

+Jeffery Robinette provides this video to share more about how they can help if you have been seriously injured in an accident, or have a family member that has suffered a wrongful death. 

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Stop Texts; Stop Wrecks

+Brian M. Fishman +The Fishman Firm Shared this post to +Distracted Driving is Dangerous by +D. Chadwick Calvert, LLC 

+D. Chadwick Calvert, LLC Shared this informative article with some alarming statistics to raise awareness for the hazards of texting and driving. 
Did you know nearly 500,000 young adults each year are injured due to distracted driving?
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Catch-up on Important Law Articles and Videos

+Jesse Reiter +Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers +Reiter & Walsh, PC: Jesse M. Reiter, JD shared this by +Laurie Robbins +Robbins & Associates PC; Law Firm Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney.

+Laurie Robbins Provides her Monday edition of the #LegalBegalNews  a compilations of top posts and articles from attorneys and law professionals on her +Rebel Mouse page #Robins&Associates

  Welcome to the MarvelousMondayEdition of the LegalBeagleNews compiled by Laurie Robbins who is a personal injury attorney in Atlanta and President of Robbins & Associates who is  a wife, mom. I fight for clients, and promote good news . This magazine is compiled with the help of many great lawyers around the country. Thanks for the cover story from +Clearwater Personal Injury Law Firm Dolman Law Group (727) 451-6900   the #Bestlegalbloggers  are +Edward Weinstein +The Law Office K. Lawson Wellington +Christopher Zachar +Chris Limberopoulos +Christopher Hoffmann +Christopher Pearsall +Villanueva & Sanchala, Attorneys At Law  +Dave Gormley +Taylor & Taylor Law Firm, P.A.  +David Slepkow +Dave Abels +Mike Allton +Howard Woodley Bailey +Andrews Bongar Gormley & Clagett +Ann Arbor DUI Attorney Stacey M. Washington, Attorney and Counselor +Andre van Wyk +Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli +Anthony Morgese +Tina Bonrud +Tina Willis Law - Orlando +Charlotte Christian Law  +Shawn Curry +The Law Office of James E. Novak +Law Offices of James O. Cunningham, P.A. +James Bergener +James Murphy  +Circle of Legal Trust +Sylvan De Jardo +Debrah Diva +Distracted Driving is Dangerous +Chris Dreyer +Jason Dunkle +Jason Mayberry +Michigan Auto Law +Michael Smolensky +Michael Ehline +Brian Victor +Brian M. Fishman +Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli & Brewer  +Gair, Gair, Conason, Steigman, Mackauf, Bloom & Rubinowitz  +Steven Sweat +Stephan Futeral +Law Offices of Arash Hashemi +William Bill Hurst +Willens Law Offices +Irma Kamberi 
+Page 1 Solutions LLC  +Rodney Mesriani +Jesse Reiter +Jeffery Robinette +Jeffrey Lapin +R. Patrick Link +Lisa Marie Vari +Donald Petersen +Jonathan Rosenfeld +CNN International +City of Sandy Springs City Hall 
Have a great week. #Atlantapersonalinjuryattorney  
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Resources about Vertigo and SSI

+Jesse Reiter +Reiter & Walsh, PC: Jesse M. Reiter, JD +Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers shared this post 
by +Kimberly Bishop +The Bishop Law Firm SSI and SSDI Attorney in Raleigh NC. 

+Kimberly Bishop Provides a resourceful and informative article about the disabling symptoms of vertigo.   +The Bishop Law Firm explains signs, symptoms, treatment, and how to get help if you need financial aid or social security disability benefits in Raleigh, Cary, or Durham NC. 

Vertigo and Social Security Disability

This post discusses Vertigo and SSI (Supplemental Security Income). If Vertigo is preventing you from working read on for how SSA will evaluate your claim for benefits.

The symptoms of vertigo are similar to someone trapped in a blender: spinning, tilting, loss of balance, nausea, headache, ringing in the ears, and more. Unfortunately, falls are common in my clients with vertigo.

The most common cause of vertigo is an inner ear problem. BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), Meniere’s Disease and Vestibular neuritis are common causes of inner ear issues.

If you are unable to work because of your vertigo, file a claim for SSI/SSDI as soon as possible and call +The Bishop Law Firm . 

#socialsecuritydisability #Raleigh #cary #durham #NC
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Thanks again!
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How a Parent's Behavior Can Impact Custody Decisions

+Thomas M. Huguenor Family Law Attorney in La Jolla CA discusses how a former spouse's conduct may impact a custody dispute. 

I started a new series on my website as to how one's personal problems may impact his/her child custody case. This is a tough subject however none of us are without flaws and self improvement is within all of us, do you agree?
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An Amazing Story of Fate 

What you didn't know about +Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq. 

New G+ All Star Moderator   #PlusAttorneysandFriendsCommunity   
+Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq. Shares his fascinating biography with us.  We learn what led him into law practice, and now a crusader for Parental International Child Abduction protections

under the Hague Convention, helping parents all over the globe whose children have been abducted into Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, and other countries.  

There was obviously a lot I didn't know about  
+Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq. when I post the announcement of his Moderator selection, like the fact that he rides a Harley-Davidson:-).  So I'm sharing this post again with the biography in his own words.  

Congratulations +Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq. New Moderator

We are honored to announce the promotion of an active member in our Community +Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq. to Moderator, here in 

If you've been with us here on Plus Attorneys and Friends, +Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq. will not be a stranger, to you.  

He has been generous, and engaging in the community on many of your posts, adding a great amount of value to the discussions.

Sandro provides valuable insights and opinions in a variety of areas of the law, and topics, on domestic and international issues.   

+Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq. of  Law Offices of Monteblanco & Associates  in Lima Peru, provides International Services for Unique Individual & Commercial Matters.    

+Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq.  provides world class services to clients in the international community including  Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, and Colombia. 

 +Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq. is an active member of the American Bar Association, The American Association for Justice,  and the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists. 

We highly recommend that you add +Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq.  to your circles and rally around to give him a warm congratulations!

Meet the All Star Moderator Team of Plus Attorney and Friends

+Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq.  
+Eyitayo Ogunyemi 
+Debrah Diva 
+Tina Willis 
+Donald Petersen 
+Lori Combs 
+Stephan Futeral 
+James Novak 
Works at Law Offices of Monteblanco & Associates, LLC. Lives in Lima, Peru. Lived in Portland, OR, United States - Paris, France.
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Christopher Hoffmann's profile photo
Christopher Hoffmann
a month ago
This is a great lawyer if you get criminal charges against you. When making a decision that will effect the next decade of your life as well as your record, knowing that you made the best choice in a lawyer is important. Attorney James Novak is the right choice. Great lawyer both in front of a jury and feared by the prosecutors office. Lawyers with the best track record get the best deals and end up with the most verdicts in favor of their client. 5 Star Person & Lawyer! Keep up the great work James and Thanks!
• • •
Brian M. Fishman's profile photo
Brian M. Fishman
3 weeks ago
It is a true honor to write a review of the services offered at The Law Office of James E. Novak. If you're seeking a criminal defense or DUI attorney in Maricopa County, AZ, your search should be over as you've found the right attorney for the job. Mr. Novak is a former prosecutor and therefore has the benefit of knowing his adversary's argument before it is even made. Therefore, he is imminently prepared to counter that argument with zealous representation and advocacy to protect his client's constitutional rights. If a family member or loved one found themselves in legal trouble in AZ, Mr. Novak would be the first person I would call. I can think of no higher praise to bestow upon a fellow attorney.
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John Schutz's profile photo
John Schutz
in the last week
James Novak is an outstanding attorney. I cannot believe you would find someone better for criminal defense or DUI defense. He is a tough litigator with hundreds of jury trials under his belt. As a former prosecutor, he also knows how the other side thinks and works. If you want your best chance at a dismissal, I highly recommend hiring Mr. Novak.
John B. Fabriele, III, LLC's profile photo
John B. Fabriele, III, LLC
5 months ago
I have gotten to know Mr. Novak in a professional capacity, and I must say as a veteran criminal defense attorney myself, he is one of the best I've seen. His trial experience as a former prosecutor in Maricopa county is evident, as he is is both knowledgeable as well as proficient in a courtroom. I have seen him defend clients quite aggressively in situations where he was protecting them from abuses of the system, as well as cordial and and amiable in negotiations where trial was not the best option. If you have been charged with a criminal offense or DWI/DUI in the Tempe area, contact attorney Novak, I couldn't recommend him more highly.
• • •
Tina Willis Law - Orlando's profile photo
Tina Willis Law - Orlando
in the last week
Mesa and Tempe AZ are very lucky to have this gem of a lawyer helping those accused of crimes. Mr. Novak is an exceptional advocate, in every sense of the word. His knowledge of all of the laws and defenses is very evident. Plus, he has extensive jury trial experience, from his years of working as a prosecutor. And his concern for others, including his clients, is also exemplary. If you need a criminal defense lawyer who will do the job right, then you need to contact Mr. Novak.
• • •
Dmitry Gorin's profile photo
Dmitry Gorin
3 months ago
I am familiar with Arizona criminal defense & DUI attorney James Novak through frequent online interactions in lawyer communities. I have found that he is committed to the success of each and every client he serves. He is highly experienced with a proven track record of success. I highly recommend the Law Office of James Novak to anyone seeking professional legal representation in Tempe and surrounding communities against charges of DUI, drug crimes, theft crimes, domestic violence, or any other criminal offense.
• • •
Laurie Robbins's profile photo
Laurie Robbins
5 months ago
Law Office of James E. Novak; James Novak is a former Prosecutor and is a respected member of the Bar. He is nationally known for his books on DUI Defense, and determination to battle for his clients. James is active in the Bar, and manages several legal networks on G+ where attorneys share information, and discuss topics of interest to lawyers. James is easy to work with, and he will work hard for you. I highly recommend him to you. It is a pleasure to know him, and he serves the people of Arizona well.
• • •
Kimberly Diego's profile photo
Kimberly Diego
a month ago
Mr. Novak is a respected expert within his legal field, with compassion for his clients and a passion for vigorously representing them. I would recommend his services for anyone seeking comprehensive DUI defense in Arizona.
John B. Fabriele, III, is an excellent attorney and well respected by his peers in the legal community. He is professional, experienced, highly skilled, and dedicated to defending the rights of the accused. He has spent his entire career defending criminal and DUI charges, and assures that the rights of the accused are preserved and protected. He is proactive and will provides highly effective legal representation. He works hard to obtain the best possible results and favorable outcomes for his clients. I highly recommend DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney John B. Fabriele, III, LLC, to those arrested or facing criminal charges in New Jersey. He provides proven results.
• • •
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago
Excellent Attorney! Donald Peterson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his cases. He is well informed about consumer rights laws, and highly respected in the legal community. He is dedicated to serving clients in all consumer rights, bankruptcy, and other debt dispute matters. I highly recommend the Law Office of Donald Peterson.
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
2 reviews