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Now, go for the last Nexus 4 we have. Conditions are easier to meet than ever. But remember: Share the game with your circles...

Congrats to last week's winner +Christian Fizia .
You remember: To celebrate the relaunch of our official Google+ Page we decided to do you (and us) some good. We decided you should be able to win a high-g
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Thank´s again! Come on boys and girls! Go for gold/nexus! I will still share, but won´t participate! And it´s fun reading the articles anyhow. So much information to gain!
Congrats! It's a great phone. I'm after it, too... Hoping to get one, one day. :-)
Hi there, I've shared post to my circles but not sure where I have to leave a comment: here or in the topic on noupe website.
Shared the game= check, comment here= check again. :-) 
this is a great phone, i need one badly. myn screen is cracked. Very nice that we can win one :-D
Hope that i can get a chance to win Nexus 4.
A Canty
Would love to win this phone.
Thank you and god blessing your.
Thay's some cool marketing promotion you have here. I'd be interested to know the feedback on such campaign :)
Yes please. Hopefully I've done this right. Novice here but learning
ok i have taken in contests like that trillion of times.....
If i dnt win this time I am done!!! :p
Congratulations winners, Nexus 4 is an awesome phone.
Htc ditching support for my device and in need of a development device to work with.
Please enter my name into the pool. Thanks!
=-O nexus 4, perfect phone to upgrade to.
My iPhone is not holding up to the android ecosystem and I want this phone!
I have Gs3 but I want this phone!
Even with last year's innards, the nexus 4 remains one of the top android smartphones today, would love one to complement my nexus 7... Google goodness ftw
It is not available in India hope will get one soon.Many Thanx.
Its great to participate in such contest.
it's my birthday sunday.. would love to win it :)
It is not available in India hope will get one soon.Many Thanx.
Hope to get Nexus 4, my phone is in bad shape:-( 
please give me that phone.pls pls pls? :)) i really really love that phone
Thus would be a great incentive to leave big red and their expensive service behind!
Good luck all hope you win a new phome
Hi. Yeyyy I want to win one.
Please! I've been at Verizon's mercy for too long!
I have already set my mind free with my Nexus 4... want another one to present to my wifey :-)
Of lately but it was nice yo know a lot of stuff abt it. Thanks all who made it.
I love my HTC. My mother has the samsang which one is this. My HTC is great with storage I have yet to recieve a bug :-)
Thats very Nice of you, i just moved my dad to the nexus. He's 76, he finds android easier and just sold his iphone-4s.
Im now jealus as i still have an old htc.
Good luck to all.
B. Hans
Nexus 4 to replace the moto flip we have? It would be nice!
i love the New Nexus 4, i think it is one of the best Android smartphone....
Art Uy
I want a nexus!:)
Erik S
I love my old nexus. Can't wait to pick up my new one!
Lost my Galaxy SIII. Need a good phone!
Would love to have one... Missing that true Google experience
I have a 1 in 444 ... chance of winning .... I don't like them odds ...... ='~(
May the odds be ever in YOUR favour ....
Wow this is nice would love to win a N4
I love my new nexus 4 it makes my HTC one s look like a bitch 
I got my Nexus 4 about a month ago and love it! Having a second would not be all that bad :-)
Really....I would love to win a nexus 4 ooooweeee....!!!!
It's kinda weird how 2 out of 3 Nexus 4 went in Deutschland, the country from where noupe is.
Anyway, I'll try my luck for the 4th one.
Good luck people!
Dan Cho
Wait, what do they mean by share the game, share the contest?
Pick me pleassssse...i'll go to the store for you.
Graduation Ceremony ~ july 2013

I would love to up grade from my nexus 1
I need a reason to dump Big Red!
My first Google Nexus was solid but its performance is wavering. I want this phone! Bring it.
I want to own Google's baby. The beautiful NEXUS 4.
I want to win one... I got the lg optimus g bug I want the lg nexus 4
Would live this! The sites not responding though for details!
Vanilla Android is awesome. My wife has one and I want it too 
I love booth mobile ok it is Okla@ :-P
I want it soooooo bad!! 
What are the steps to winning the nexus 4?
Meeeee, me me me Me , memememememe!!!!!
So...hmmm... let me think... Can I have... a Nexus 4... aaand Key Lime Pie for starter please. 
Yo lo queiro !!!! Es mio!!!! I want it!!! 
Hope someone else gets it! Wouldnt take a free nexus
Shared it, hope I win. This phone would go great with my nexus 7 tablet :P
I would like to win a Nexus 4 please :-) SG Aces are not good :'( 
I would like to win the nexus 4.... i find that phone is pretty darn awesome..... thanks noupe
I hope i win the final nexus 4.... 
SyeD Ad
My Screen is broken i wont mind using Nexus 4... actually its a great phone I have used it at my work.
Another comment, dont see my first one
Yeaaaaaaugh! Nexus 4! One for me please.
I would love a nexus and try out android. Pick me!
Would loooove this phone ! Please I need one. I've never had a nice phone.
Got the galaxy nexus and it is about time update.
Trying desperately to move from my IPhone to a Nexus phone. Please help!! +ericcerickson
Would love one to replace my old flip phone, and it would nicely with my N7. : )
Would love to get this and then finally drop Verizon for T-Mobile
I like this kind of give away
***Every time views advertise on internet about Nexus.M so mad for smart phone.I dont know howmuch smart the Nexus4.***
Congrats christy , i am the next :)
Pick me me I got to get insist the ultimate geeks dream

What can i do to get nexus, because i do not have money to purchase one.
um celular tao doce tao doce! com este celular eu sentado no sofa posso chegar em todo o mundo!
Mo Karv
Good timing, my cellphone is not functional anymore! I need one 
This is awesomeeee. I would love one!
I'll really want one!! If i win this one... I'm super exited :D!!!
Surely if you write more comments, you have more of a chance of winning
I love the nexus. A coworker has one. I'm jealous. I would love to win one.
Now how much price in Qatar money
I've always had Nexus phones, but not the Nexus 4. I would love one :-)
Very informative... love u guys... so... where is my Nexus 4... haha...
my entry is still awaiting for moderation. sorry if i did it twice, i thought my first attempt was not successful. pick me. wishing and praying.
Could do with a new phone as mine's a bit tired.
Really need a new phone mines old beat up and slow
I convinced someone to get a ZTE phone and I need this to say sorry!
I've been trying to break into the field of android developing. It would be great to have a modern, stock android phone to work on.
just for the stock android, which happens to be the most awesome ever!
Carm N
not available on Verizon :-(
my wife just got one, ya they are nice!
Al M.
Here's to luck of the draw
Nice, given that I can't get one in my country... love to get my hands on one of these B-) 
There is always room for another nexus 4, maybe i can get my wife away from that wp8. :-) 
Give me nexus 4 plz!
On Jul 18, 2013 10:04 PM, "MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH" <****@**>

> Plz give me nexus 4!
I love this phone. I own an 8gb version but dropped it and broke the screen. I wish I could 16gb version so that I may be able to get rid of Samsung Galaxy S3. Theirs no phone like the Google Nexus Series.... 
I hope I win here's my comment.
Would love to win nexus and see how great it is
Already own that beauty the king of Android devices. 
Note 2 with CyanogenMod, makes a big ass nexus.
Hi, iam winning nexus 4 this time

I desperately want to win this..... GOOGLE NEXUS 4.... I WANT THIS ONE.... :)
I cant afford one, I have been dreaming of this phone for a while, I just wish I could be the lucky one to win this phone....anyway good luck to everybody and hopefully the winner will appreciate the prize ;)
I have nexus 4 to but it gets really hot. Now having trouble with signals
I can't get to the bottom of the comment list! 
Wie sagt man: "Alle guten Dinge sind 3? Äh 4^^"" Passt ja irgendwie zum Nexus 4. Sorry, aber diesmal will ich gewinnen^^ 
Congrats to the previous winners. Wow! i'm so saddened because it's the last week. Meaning it's my only chance to win. I hoped to be picked. In this time that i don't have a phone to use anymore which makes me more eager to win it.
Erik S
I want to win
I wonder if there's still time to participate... It would be nice to have one of those down here.
Ok. I well do the best thank your. Every truly greater accomplishment is at first impossible education is the ability to meet life's situation ?.
umm when will they anounce the winner
AND THE WINNER IS.... (ah, no announcement yet, it seems... :-/
The winner is in the draw and will be announced later today. (as soon as I have the info at hand ;-))
so excited to have this phone from noupe! :-)
Forget the Pope: it's my name I'm waiting for later on today, at the announcement of the Nexus 4 winner!
when is the draw?
Can't you find my email address? Is that the cause of the delay? No problem, just send me a message.
The pope was mobbed a few Km from here. But my attention is on the result of the Nexus 4 draw, that's what I'm thinking about.
Brazil: world cup, Olympics, pope... and now, Nexus 4!
They can't get in touch with me for some reason.
Royal Baby?  Nahh...  Pope? No...   Nexus 4 winner? Yes, that's what I'm talking about!
Stay tuned, I am waiting for the name
The problem is, that loads of participants did not stick to the rules of this game. About a hundred have already been drawn and dismissed again for not meeting the preconditions. It seems the game was not as easy as we thought...
Here we are finally. The winner lives in Arizona. Congratulations +Daniel Carter 
refine your reading abilities +Nikolay Essani . Then, after a while, you'll manage...
waiting for you nexus! please pick me.
please don't keep me away from such pretty things!!! why don't you make it available in india! #NexusFan  
Though it's nearly impossible to get it.
Still posting here YOLO! PERSEVERANCE!
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