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Not For Sale
Working to end slavery in our lifetime.
Working to end slavery in our lifetime.

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As fans flood Brazil for the #WorldCup, the demand for child prostitution is expected to rise.

What’s better than baseball? Baseball fighting slavery! This SATURDAY we celebrate our first Not For Sale night of the 2014 Season. Join us to celebrate the power of sports in the movement to fight slavery. TeamNFS athletes Jeremy Affeldt, Brandon Belt, and Matt Cain, of the San Francisco Giants will be donating their day’s salary to Not For Sale as they take on the New York Mets. Come cheer on the Giants as they play to fight slavery!

An Inspiration to us all: Deng’s Story.

Deng came to the Thailand children's home when he was very young. As a child he was living on the street with Tuberculosis and was forced to beg to feed his mother’s drug addiction. When the home took him in, everything changed. He was enrolled in school, and was supported with therapeutic programs to encourage his physical, psychological, and social recovery. Today Deng has applied for university and hopes to study music. He has been given the tools to overcome the the risk factors leading him to exploitation.

At Not For Sale, the goal of the children's home is to give these stateless children opportunities to be free from vulnerability and decrease their potential of being exploited.

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"The Bay Area has become a magnet for such exploitation..where sex trafficking happens in homes, hotel rooms and massage parlors all over Bay Area downtowns".

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Today we are proud to announce the launch of the Not For Sale Ale in Sweden.

See how the collaboration of diverse passions have come together to address human trafficking.

THAILAND'S POLITICAL UNCERTAINTY- Update from our Thailand Program Officer:

The military coup in Thailand ushers in yet another era of political uncertainty. While designed to prevent political tensions from escalating into violence, the military's imposition of martial law nationwide means it will affect the mobility of stateless persons within Thailand and their access to basic services like education and health.

How does this affect people vulnerable to trafficking?

Because of the greater enforcement in border regions it will be more difficult for "would-be" traffickers to ply their trade. However, In the long term, with 2015 approaching and the ASEAN Economic Community expected to commence, political instability will only serve to hinder any meaningful effort to tackle human trafficking in the region

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Peru: Ten girls rescued from an illegal mining camp

The rescue of the underaged girls who were forced into prostitution lead to the destruction of the camp. 

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JUST IN: Forced labor generates US$150 Billion in illegal profits per year- International Labour Organization (ILO)

Of the illegal profits, commercial sexual exploitation and forced economic exploitation generate the most profits. 

View the full report here:

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BIG STRIDES in combatting Human Trafficking.

"WASHINGTON- A woman who escaped a life of forced prostitution by jumping out a Brooklyn bathroom window watched Tuesday as the House passed five bills to combat human trafficking"

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