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Warning: NSA Sex Found Here
Warning: NSA Sex Found Here

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Top Ideas for a Sexy Valentine’s Night
Valentine’s night can be a great opportunity to take you and your casual sex partner’s routine to the next level. Be creative and get ready to enjoy hot sex that doesn’t have to cost you a penny.
Stripper for the night.  Nothing excited a man more than the sight of you naked and just out of reach.  Recreate the sensual excitement of a strip club in your own home. Use your bedroom or your living room and set the scene ahead of time with dim lights and sexy music.  Mark out a space that is your ‘stage’ and a line he cannot cross to touch you. You don’t have to be a proficient dancer to turn your partner on when stripping. Dress up in your favourite sexy outfit and peel away the layers slowly and sexily. Gyrate to the music and show him exactly what he can have - a bit later. 
Game Time. There are plenty of games on the market that can add some heat to your sex. From dice games to board games these introduce new moves for both of you to try. Or how about good old-fashioned strip poker (or any game if you don’t know the rules!). Have some fun as you build up the tension by slowly removing each other’s clothes.

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 Umm what to say ......

Ok I'm 35 feel 25 may not look 25 lol x

I'm a independent happy go lucky kind of girl who is single I would like to meet someone on a regular basis for fun inside and outside the bedroom.

I don't have much free time due to large work commitments which includes traveling.

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Hi my name is Kat, I’m a bubbly and friendly person who loves to have fun. I am looking for a guy who can make me laugh and who likes to have fun. I love keeping fit and would love to meet a guy who is up for excitement

I am an attractive, very down to earth and approachable fun-loving woman with an outgoing n humorous nature, which although can be dark at times I think that adds to the spice of life ;o)x Forever searching for that charismatic character that holds my attention the second I lock eyes on him, makes my teeth ache he’s so sweet n sxc I can’t help but blush at the dark thoughts he provokes within me.

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I’m looking to find someone to enjoy being naked with. Nothing heavy just fantastic f*cking. I like to experiment in everyday life & the bedroom is no exception!
Tell me your kinks & let’s get chatting & if we have similar interests let’s get f*cked!!
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