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God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.
God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.

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america's founding principles are stamped onto their coinage:

1. in God we trust.
2. liberty.
3. from many one.

the structuring of society around these 3 principles built the world's greatest nation. however ...

the left wishes to change these 3 principles. to:

1.a secular (or Godless) society.
2. equality/equity over liberty.
3. multiculturalism.

under this new structure, morality is offered through the state via political correctness, and is in a constant state of flux. whereas it used to be built upon the immutable Word of God.

equality suppresses liberty and stagnates innovation. it is socialism. the redistribution of wealth evenly effectively destroys all wealth. the USA's poverty line was higher than the USSR's standard of living. equal opportunity is dumped for equal outcome. whether someone is lazy and another is hard working is irrelevant in this paradigm, the hard worker's labor will be taken from him and distributed to the lazy individual. this will be done by gunpoint. we are coerced into compliance. why bother working harder? socialism is fatalism. capitalism is optimism. the liberty to make something of yourself without the government stopping you.

under postmodernism, cultural relativism is a guiding principle. all cultures are equated as intrinsically equal, regardless of any barbarity they might personify. multiculturalism leads to the ghettoization of the country (many countries within a country). yugoslavia was such a country before the war. it had 6 national languages. people need to be brought together, not encouraged to stand apart. unity not division.

a simple penny holds a lot of value. not monitarily, but intrinsically, by what it teaches us.

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the battle for society is won, or lost, in the universities. this video highlights this dynamic.

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an interesting dynamic here. he is so cavalier about corrupting one virtuous (a Christian), yet, he has miscalculated and his lust has come full circle and bitten him on the arse (for Christian didn't mean a Christ follower, in this case, but a boy's name). now he finds himself bedding one that has progressed further down that path of kink-dom than he has (a kinked path = departing from the path of righteousness, the kinking of a straight line). the Bible teaches that God "punishes" us not by acting, but frequently by not acting. He tells us not to walk a certain way for our safety. we can obey or disobey, He simply lets us act out in our liberty. yet if we don't heed His warning, there is the danger that we will destroy ourselves. peace and joy are found in the Lord's fold, and He always calls us to return to Him. yet ... we seldom listen and continually venture into dangerous situations. frequently the so-called `wrath of God' is simply the Father allowing our folly undo us: allowing what we initiate to complete. if we get in too deep, He is still faithful and will hear our prayers, and perhaps intervene to assist us back to the straight and safe pathway.

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this is interesting. as artificial intelligence becomes the means to knowledge, it begs the question of who programmed the answers. the Bible predicts the world will turn on the Christians and Jews in the future to exterminate them. and perhaps we are seeing the infancy of this movement now, as programs like alexa will be used to marginalize us and demonize us.

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gents ... don't eat soy. and don't give it to your sons.

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a fantastic examination of multiculturalism, the child of post-modernism.
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