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Northwest School of Safety
Developing a mindset of awareness, avoidance, and preparedness through crime prevention, personal safety and women's firearm safety courses.
Developing a mindset of awareness, avoidance, and preparedness through crime prevention, personal safety and women's firearm safety courses.

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I wrote back in July about the 80 year old gentleman who was robbed and beaten by a man and a woman. He chased them down his driveway and shot the woman, who claimed she was pregnant.  I stated that I would be curious to see how this case develops and whether he would be charged or not for using deadly force. I mentioned that while initially he had every right to defend himself from the pair of worms who accosted him, once they ran away, he no longer had the legal right to chase them down the alley and shoot the female, since the threat of imminent bodily harm had passed.

Remember, unless every single moment during your violent encounter meets the very strict criteria of a self defense plea, you may very well spend a good many years thinking about how you could have avoided, de-escalated or removed yourself from the situation while wearing your new striped suit and sitting in your new ‘cubicle’.

Revisiting the requirements of a legitimate self defense plea, you need to be able to prove;

Innocence-you can not have in any way started, sustained or escalated a conflict.

Imminence-you believed, based on the circumstances and behavior of your attacker(s) that you were in immediate fear of death or great/grave bodily harm.

Proportionality-any force you use must not be greater than necessary to stop the threat.

Avoidance-commonly referred to as taking every opportunity to retreat.

Reasonableness-any action you take must meet both subjective and objective reasoning by anyone else who would have been in your shoes.

 “Greer, who was robbed on two other occasions, “held a reasonable fear of imminent peril of death or great bodily injury,” wrote Los Angeles County Deputy Dist. Atty. Janet Moore, explaining the office’s decision not to charge him.
“Greer exercised his legal and legitimate right of self-defense when he shot and killed Andrea Miller,” Moore wrote. 

Once again, based on the original interview with the man after his violent encounter, he admitted that he shot the female robber as she ran away, then fell down and was pleading for her “baby’s” life. He was pretty adamant about the fact that as she was pleading, he ‘shot her anyway’. Again, based strictly on those narrow stipulations for self defense mentioned above, he could not possibly have been in immediate fear of his life while he held a gun in his hands and she was lying on the ground, obviously fearing for HER life.

During a recent defensive pistol training course I attended, a comment was made about how we do not have a ‘justice system’ we have a ‘legal system’. While justice may make the most sense in a case like this, (I certainly empathize with the frustration and anger expressed at having his home burglarized twice before by these same losers) the cold hard boundaries of the legal requirements are not to be ignored. Additionally, in many cases, it does not matter what really happened in a use of deadly force incident, it only matters what the prosecutor thinks the chances are that he/she can convince a jury of 12 average people to believe happened. This can and sometimes does work against a person who may have been legally justified in their use of force, but it appears in this case it worked in the gentleman’s favor.

I strongly urge anyone who carries a firearm to protect themselves or their loved ones from harm never to assume that you will get off so easy if you chase a robber down your driveway and shoot them twice in the back. Unless you happen to be 80 years old.

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Three lovely ladies learn the fundamentals of firearm safety, personal awareness, when it is legally allowable to use a firearm to defend themselves, and how our bodies respond to stress.

Then they get to shoot.....;)

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I want to personally thank those who are fighting to restore sanity by hopefully removing burdensome and unnecessary regulations to law abiding citizens, firearms instructors and small businesses in the name of "Safety" and "Crime Prevention". Initiative 594 was voted in to law based on lies and false pretenses. I have talked to many who are embarrassed to admit that they voted for it, and are now ready to help erase their blunder by any means possible.

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My first class "Post Initiative 594". O.o

Fortunately, we cover so much more than the 'hands-on' portion of firearm safety, that we still had a very full and educational day. :D  It was also the first time I used the BB gun indoors! I put together an effective little BB target/containment system so I don't have BB's all over the hall...HA!

Too FUN!! :)
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Me and my girls....and some fella that's been hanging around...went shooting.

I really need to concentrate on tightening up my group a little more....:P

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Class Photo for November 19
What an awesome day!

These ladies were full of incredible questions and comments, especially in regards to the serious legal responsibilities of owning a firearm and self defense. Another plus today was the dry weather that held out so we could use the backyard range for practicing the fundamentals of using a handgun (okay, BB gun ;) ) accurately…check out those groupings! YAY!

GREAT class! :)

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I picked up my second little .22lr pistol, a Ruger SR22 for the use of my students in the live fire training. Took it out to the range to test fire and make sure it is a reliable and accurate handgun for class. The trigger pull in double action is around 8-11 pounds, which could be a little difficult for new trigger fingers, but the hammer can be cocked, putting it in single action mode, which is a light 4-6 pounds. Both the safety and the Magazine release are ambidextrous, which is nice for me, a lefty, to demonstrate to most of my righty students…LOL! The rubberized grip is very comfortable to hold, and I also liked the many safety features, since I am using it for an introduction to shooting.  Every little bit of safety helps! :)

I strongly recommend my new students who have never handled a firearm, are intimidated by the recoil, or lack the hand strength to manipulate a larger caliber pistol, to begin their journey into the world of firearms with a little .22lr pistol. This little handgun is comfortable, easy to handle, non-intimidating and a great introduction to the shooting sport.

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Keep your little "Goblins" safe...:P
REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM: Halloween Safety
Halloween is an exciting time for children, but safety is extra important this time of year.
1) Make sure your child is supervised at all times by you or someone you trust. Know what route your children are taking to trick or treat and impress on them how important it is not to diverge from this route. 
2) Make sure your children know never to go into anyone's house. Predators might ask the child to come inside and wait while they "go get more candy." Tell your child to let you know and immediately move onto the next house. And teach your child never to approach a house that is not well-lit. 
3) Don't post pictures or statuses in real time on social media. This is an easy way for predators to pinpoint your exact location and what costume your child is wearing, making it easier for them to lure your child away.
4) Check every piece of candy before your child is allowed to eat any, and dispose of anything that has a slit or tear in the wrapper or has been tampered with in any way; This means they need to wait until they get home before enjoying their sugar high, but it will help ensure they’re safe!

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My youngest student to date attended class today with her grandma. The best part of class for her? "Having contact with the guns and shooting the laser gun!". Look at that big grin!!
Young or not, who DOESN'T like shooting? Even indoors, if the weather is not cooperative...

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Another private, one on one instruction!! :D 
Isn't she an awesome shooter? ;)
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