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Hi All, What sort of questions do we have today?

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Looking for work with Awesome Members in a fun, driven environment?  Watch the video and shoot us an e-mail at If you're not familiar with us check out     ---Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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NWFA Newsletter - February

Fitness - Definition.

1. The state or condition of being physically sound and healthy, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.
2. A state of general mental and physical well-being.
3. The state of being suitably adapted to an environment.

“A state of general mental and physical well-being.” If that isn’t the core of your fitness regimen then something is out of alignment. This kind of fitness is a life style. There is a study I’ll share with you all soon about the importance of being active throughout the day. The summary is, if you sit in an office chair or on a couch for more than six hours a day then you risk of heart disease can go up by more than 63%. …That’s CRAZY.

And the worst part is, going and working out for a while each day helps but doesn’tfully counteract the negative.What does is choosing to be active in small ways at everyopportunity. Couple regular, small dosesof movement with regular moderate to intense exercise and you are doing prettywell.

A few simple guidelines:
NEVER sit for more than an hour.
If you sit at work then, once an hour; standup, touch your toes, stretch up, take a deep breath and then get back to it. This makes a big difference.
If you need something around the house, walk to get it don’t ask someone to do it for you.
Walk, at least around the block or down the hall after you eat a meal. If it’s raining then you can pace around your living room for a few minutes.

Starting to get the idea? An active lifestyle isn’t going to the gym a couple of times a week. It’s choosing to get up and move at every reasonable opportunity. And if you’re thinking about how busy you are, like to lounge around, etc. Remember, we’re talking about micro-activities. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by making it a big deal.

We had a good turnout at our first Portland Fitness Challenge. It was the white belt challenge only this time. Many people hit the mark to take it up to the Blue Belt level and congratulations to all who hit the mark. Those of you who didn’t we’re right at the threshold. A little consistent effort this month and you’ll crush it next time!

A Big Shout Out to The Evening’s Champs
Men’s: Chad Alivero
Women’s: Melissa Sher
Overall: Melissa Sher

Next time we are expanding the categories to include Under/Over 40 brackets. Remember these fitness events are open to all members, their families, and their friends. Totally gratis. Do it. :)

Academy News:
External Arts members, we have added another option for Eskrima training to the schedule. On Sundays at 2:30pm we will be hold a class focusing on the first couple of levels of the curriculum. If you haven’t tried Eskrima yet, this is a great session to get your feet wet.

Promotions:Congratulations to the following members of the Muay Thai Program who’ve passed their 1st test:
Christopher French
Greg Benge
Tony Ellis
Daniel Schwartz
Marty Kerrigan
Zach Buchanan

Congrats Also to Jiu Jitsu stylists
Karl Moody
Russell Hatch

They both received their second stripes on their Blue Belts

Ok, everybody. It’s time to get up and move.

If you are reading this then you are either sitting at your computer or staring at your phone. So, a little realignment.

Stand up and walk in place for about 5 seconds.
Stretch forward and try to touch your toes, hold for about 20 seconds.
Stretch up toward the ceiling for about 20 seconds.
Take 5 breaths as deeply as you can, and when you exhale, let the air out slowly.

Now, continue with your day.


The weather is supposed to get funky in Portland this weekend. If it snows heavily check in here for updates on whether the weather has closed us down. -Russell

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Rigan Machado with his Portland Affliates!
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