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8 Easy Ways to Use up Your Leftover Halloween Candy
WESTLAND, Mich.,–– Now that Halloween is over, the question most people ask is, "what do I do with all of this extra candy"? Fortunate for you, there are plenty of ways to recycle all of your leftover candy. Whether it's a twix bar or a package of skittles, there's a recipe for every type of sweet treat you have left behind. We've put together a list of 8 easy ways to use up your leftover Halloween candy.

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7 Picture Books Your Kids Will Love During National Picture Book Month
WESTLAND, Mich.,–– November is National Picture Book Month! This is the perfect time to pick up a beautifully crafted book for you to read to your little ones. Picture books are extremely beneficial to young children, as they are proven to help strengthen vocabulary, engagement, and imagination at young ages. Whether your children need a good bedtime story or are learning how to read, check out these 7 picture books your kids will love during National Picture Book Month to bring their imaginations to life this November!

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Ford Surprises Houston Pastor with a New Expedition
WESTLAND, Mich.,–– Houston Pastor Develron Walker is a man of the community. He's used his position as a leader of the Towers of Hope Church of God in Christ to help deliver supplies and food to people in need, drive local children to school, and help shuttle churchgoers to services. Unfortunately, in wake of Hurricane Harvey, his church and full-size SUV were destroyed, and since then, he's been unable to help his community in their time of need. After hearing the story of Pastor Walker, Ford surprised the Houston pastor with a new Expedition to help him deliver supplies and continue his noble cause. Read on to learn more about Pastor Walker's struggle and how Ford came to his aid in a time of need.

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18 Fascinating Facts About Halloween
WESTLAND, Mich.,–– Have you ever wondered how much candy is sold and eaten during Halloween? Or do you wonder how many people trick-or-treat each year? Well, you don't have to wonder anymore! These 18 fascinating facts about Halloween are sure to answer any questions you have about the spookiest time of the year!

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7 Dreadfully Delicious Halloween Desserts
WESTLAND, Mich.,–– On Halloween, sweets reign supreme! Candy, treats, and desserts are the best parts of October 31st and what better way to pay tribute to the spookiest holiday of the year than with some superb recipes? If you're planning on hosting or attending a Halloween party, these 7 dreadfully delicious Halloween desserts are sure to impress any partygoers, guests, or monsters that get the chance to enjoy them!

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8 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas
WESTLAND, Mich.,–– Before you know it, the streets will be flooded with Trick-or-Treaters for Halloween! Do you have your costume yet? If not, or if you can't figure out what to dress as, don't worry! We're here to help! Whether you're dressing up by yourself or as a couple, these 8 last-minute Halloween costume ideas have clever and creative ideas for everyone!

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Duct Tape Improves the Ford Mustang's Efficiency
WESTLAND, Mich.,–– We may not think about it all the time, but sometimes small innovations can completely change the way our world works. Things like velcro, Band-aids, and even tape have been some of the greatest innovations of the modern era and are still used today to develop and improve modern inventions. Recently, Ford used duct tape to improve the Mustang's efficiency. Yes, you read that correctly: duct tape.

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9 Carve-Free Pumpkin Designs
WESTLAND, Mich.,–– If you like to carve pumpkins, but hate how messy it can get, we have the solution for you! These 9 carve-free pumpkin designs are the answer to your Halloween woes. Discover the creatively clever carve-free solutions that will make your front porch stand out this October. Plus, if you're decorating pumpkins with your kids, you won't have to worry about the dangers of sharp knives and cutting tools.

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Ford Vehicles So Powerful They're Scary
WESTLAND, Mich.,–– Question: What's stronger than Frankenstein's monster, faster than a werewolf, and more strikingly alluring than a vampire?

Answer: Ford's powerful new lineup of vehicles.

If you've got a fire burning in your heart for potent, powerful vehicles, you've come to the right place. These Ford vehicles are so powerful, they're scary. Read on to discover the most terrifyingly terrific vehicles in Ford's lineup and how you can get your hands on these exclusive models at North Brothers Ford this Halloween season.

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Ford Supports Military Veterans with Scholarships
WESTLAND, Mich.,–– In a collaboration with the DAV (Disabled American Veterans), Ford supports military veterans with scholarships through the Trading One Uniform For Another (TOUFA) program. In its second year, the TOUFA program awards scholarships to veterans interested in earning a certification in automotive maintenance and repair. In a partnership with Quick Lane Tire & Auto, Ford will award scholarships in the amount of $10,000 to five veterans, which can be used to pay for books, fees, and tuition at universities, trade schools, vocational schools, and other accredited programs.
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