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Romney has learned his lesson

Because people are paying attention, he won't put dogs on top of the roof again.
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Yet another neon sign advertising the man's cluelessness...and his wife's as well. Mind-boggling.
Yes but as long as we keep an eye on him the dogs will be safe.
So with this he is thinking "All better now"? Tool.
Too bad he didn't keep his dogs in the Cayman Islands and his money on his car roof.....
He's flip-flopped on Seamus?
Seamus flip-flopped on the car. Poor dog.
I'd rather him put the dog on the roof than throw our Constitution out the window like the current president. We're not voting for someone to take care of our dogs! .......Priorities guys
If you think that Mitt Romney is going to respect the constitution I'm sure you believe that the dog liked it.
Bush threw the constitution out the window and trashed the economy. Obama is throwing the constitution out the window and is doing what he can (reasonably effectively) to save the economy. Romney will throw the constitution out the window and trash the economy again. I wish there were better choices, but I'll stick with the guy who will at least save the US from economic disaster.
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