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A new anxiety for the socially awkward. "Some Body added you on Google+." Shit. Do I know Some Body? Should I? They look kinda familiar. What to do. What to do. Ignore 'em? Stick 'em off in the acquaintances circle?
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Stick 'em in "following" until you're sure you know them. For me, "friends" is for people I'd be comfortable talk to about personal stuff (like my last medical checkup), "acquaintances" is for people I might go out for dinner with occasionally at a conference, and "following" is for everyone else.

You're in "acquaintances", Norm, unless you want to start hearing details about my teen daughter's trip to Europe and the corn on my baby toe. :)
Lots of people go into "following", lots of people get ignored. Still trying to figure out what to do with the people I haven't heard of, but are in some large number of circles of people I know and respect.
I'm one of the random people (that you don't know) that added you to one of my circles. I have been creating circles for personal relationships as well as for people that I have been following their blogs, Twitter feeds, etc. I won't be offended if you don't add me to any of your circles, or if I wind up in a "who the hell is this person" circle.

Not sure whether G+ is supposed to be more like Facebook with predominantly personal relationships, or Twitter with public tweets and followers that include random unknowns, or a hybrid. Guess it will depend on how we wind up using it.
Well, as a number of people have said, G+ really spans the whole range from private email to Facebook to Twitter, depending on how you use it. I tend to use it more like Twitter, partly because I don't use FB much, except for some assorted college and high school friends who have found me.
So whats this "Following" thing ? I'v been creating various semi-bogus categories until Ifigure this out !
Oh I found "Following" its a "Circle" with 0 members and doesnt show up in my "Stream" ... hmm how to edit streams ... this G+ thing with its apparent simplicity isn't so obvious !
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