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And as long as I'm asking The Big Bang Theory trivia, what's mounted on the post?
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It's a rack for holding emergency christmas crackers.
Metal tootsie rolls ?
A tester for a mini cosmology model? A 3/4 sphere driver?
Knowing a bit how hollywood works, in reality it is probably just pieces of scrap glued together to "look nerdy" ... I belive the Dalek hands are really seriously a toilet plugner and either a wisk or the end of a paint roller assembly.
+David Lee yes, early on the daleks had a claw there to grab things, but people (children? adults? popes?) found it too scary, so the toilet-plunger was used instead. Dr. Who didn't really have a Hollywood budget though!
Daleks still scare me
+David Lee OK, I admit it, I grew up watching Dr Who on saturday afternons, hiding behind the sofa in gleeful terror :-)
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