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On my desktop browser, at least half of the time I click on a notification from the dropdown list, I get "There was an error contacting the server. Please try again."

Just me?
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Not experiencing that myself, Norm. I'm using the latest version of the Chrome browser; tidbits I'm hearing suggest that the browser you are using may impact on the experience.
Ah. Ok. I'll try Chrome again for a while. Time to switch back anyway.
I use Chrome/Linux exclusively, except for testing web sites - no problems here, either.
No problems here. I also use Chrome.
I recently made the move from Firefox to Chrome once I resigned myself to using Evernote to replace the Scrapbook add-on. It is much snappier on my Mac, as Firefox seemed to have become slower over time. I am not sure why. I poked at it and cleaned up everything, but it would eventually just slow down, even with no other apps running.
Chrome is simply the best browser out there no holds bared. The only time I use something else (IE or Firefox) is if I have to use non-compliant websites ... and even those are starting to work better in chrome as time goes on (either chrome is improved or the sites are realizing the disgruntled userbase)
The most annoying thing is websites that block anything but IE and FF based on the U-A string.
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