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Ok, now this looks useful!
tz_world, an map. A shapefile of the TZ timezones of the world. Last data update: February 7, 2011. Last page update: February 7, 2011. The tz_world shapefile captures the boundaries of t...
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Oooooh. I like! Now if I could only find a shapefile to SVG converter, I should have FUN with this.
What technique do you use to share a single photo on g+ ?

at the top of the stream click on "share what's new..." and add a picture
Thanks. I mean From the Photos tab, there are albums. You can share an album but no way I could find to share a single photo from the album
@Kurt Cagle, you didn't upload your converted svg anywhere by any chance?
Not yet. I'm hoping to in a couple of weeks.
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