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For years I've wanted a decent service around upcoming concerts. This one looks pretty good. And dammit, King Crimson will be in Boston while I'm in Sweden :-(
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They really should include the exact lineup as its unclear which King Crimson it is. Didn't they split up in 3 duos or 2 trios? Oh wait, that was ages ago... (for me real King Crimson ended with Red anyway)
Adrian Belew is no John Wetton, but Discipline is well worth the time and effort of any Crim-head.
It is. But I still think the use of the name King Crimson was just a publicity stunt rather than a genuine attempt to reincarnate the beast that has ceased to exist 7 years before (the same has happened in the 90s). Now if Songkick could nuance this for me;-)
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