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I am me I am good


Internet users who vote in America, please understand what the global plan, T.P.P., is here, to prevent the citizens of this world from shouting out for freedom! America will receive the back hand for bad decisions, ungodly methods and madness!

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Logic. Where is it?
We're LIVE!

On this Thursday, June 23 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we cover the absurd “sit-in” by elected representatives in the House as Democrats move to the next phase in the effort to strip Americans of their constitutional rights.

We also cover the Brexit vote and the possibility it will be manipulated in favor of the EU, new revelations in the Orlando shooting, and a declaration by the German president that the elites are not the problem, the population is. Tune in 11am-3pm cst or watch the retransmission 24/7 at:

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We Donald Trump. Supporters, should also scream NO MORE HATE! Who hate who here? God promised this day would be a long day! Many trials with what is wrong subverting what is right! Don Trump LOVES American values of each separated group. I know there are risks standing against the global elite agendas dehumanizing humans. God's blind children. I may be dumb! I ain't stupid! If WW3 comes, because we need to finally defeat the invasions and false flags allowing thousands of American sacrifices. Like the calls of the evil owl; that evil voice the during the cremation of care, sounds like Hillary Clinton calling to triple evil in triplicate! Here in Canada, I buy the supplements and filters now from Alex Jones. Every item has been worth every Canadian Dollar, and I get to include myself as a funding agent in the AlexJones InfoWars. I value my freedom in Canada. Should either USA or Canada lose a freedom, both US and Canada lose together. I know I do not have to explain that entanglement to the liberals. Pussyfoot Justin trudeau. He will now decide on police using social media voters, as he wants any tweeter and every face booker, who all may become a Liberal member for free. What is he building an uneducated force of fans who will kiss a frozen pole around the coast of Newfoundland, @ -30. I told my friend Justin would give away what ever is left of Canada, Canada, this is how he will do it. His father started a humane imagrant process, to allow hundreds of thousands of refugees and immigrants from abroad. Ok, but now we don't vet them. Those good small profile, locally elected Members of Parliament kept an eye on our sovereignty back when. None no more!
Please save US and u CAN too!
I will fight to save humanity. I will never take a life, unless directed by the army. But I can't see for shit, so that won't happen! But the info has to get out about what danger our freedom is in. My God tells you about this in the Book of Revelations. Everyone read that! It is Red and White! You can read red over white.
My heart bleeds for those in the Trump Support Camp. They ONLY want to love those who cry stop the hate! We need to drown them out. When they say that to you, say that to them, cause really that is the immature way they will understand I think.
May God be pleased by the Watchman!
He will be hated!
God Bless you all! Welcome to the world, if you have previously disagreed.
Trump protesters in Dallas, Tx continue stereotypical anti-Trump behavior outside of his latest speech.

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This is cool, this is what is a new moon!
Surprise! Earth has a second (very small) moon, says NASA

It's like a teeny, tiny baby moon.


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For the Resistance, the InfoWars Crew.

The nightmares I had, when things were apparently normal in life, during the eighties, have materialized in the world today. What is up is down, and down is up. So I share the InfoWars reports with every ear. I believe InfoWars is the real news, the news of the watchman. The world will not awaken without that voice, without the call of the info warrior. The majesty of truth needs to reign primarily because I am not supposed to be so stupid. The world systems have lead to degeneration. I need to hear the whole truth in order to regenerate.
As humans, we require ourselves to love God, Almighty, and embrace His discipline. The one who denies this does not love God. Faith in truth is proof of patience and tolerance for God's authority. I feel the best scripture to quote is Hebrews 12:6. God's judgment is showing itself with the allowance of evil and discipline burnt and sprinkled everywhere like fire and water.
The coddling of weaknesses through p.c., diluted courts, and nwo government allows the Nicolaitans to disable humanity. That is only the beginning. The evil establishment along with the social molding within the many institutions of mind control has all to be exposed. Humanity has to win, and we should all take this fight on individually as well. Man kind has a Spiritual Father whom we ought want to please.
People couldn't care less, InfoWars! It is fine enough, that I am with my own knowledge and experience of salvation. I thank God that I am now under His Name. Never before could I say, that I see evil so close to my door. This is akin to Babylon. Today people are so confused inside, the craziness is spilling out of the people I know, love and dislike. Have I gone crazy, or am I living in a hospital bed, unconscious with those nightmares about a fallen world? How can I convince those too grungy to see what they need to see. I say, that knowing and awakening will have a result far greater than falling back to sleep.
Why are so many lies propagated, and how did it get so that no one cares? No one will co operate in a conversation. Their switch is set to nihilistic only.
Get me a megaphone!
I will support the resistance!
I will support Alex Jones, InfoWars and the Info Warriors!
I knew the truth was here at and so I knew I would enjoy the Health and Wellness Store. Now I know the truth is here, because the nutraceuticals work so well.
InfoWars! The entire crew working together to be all they can be.
May God bless you all,
He’s endorsing Democrat Hillary Clinton for president due to the possibility he may be assassinated if he supports Republican Donald Trump.

Why are things changing the way things are?

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