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Goldman-Sachs is abandoning the high-frequency-trade (HFT) practice, via +Eray Özkural HFT has no intrinsic economic value within the context of market theory; funding needs to flow to location of need to generate products and services. HFT is an ineffective transaction overhead.
You finance and investment mavens out there, here's a major puzzler.  Goldman-Sachs is abandoning HFT (high frequency trading).  It is also dropping the NYSE and its profitable "dark pool" trading operation.  Clearly they know something you and I don't know! (Duh?)

Read up.  Any theories?
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This doesn't sound good
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Programming economics, via +Siavash Mahmoudian
Geeks and repetitive tasks. #True 
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Pretty much.
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HMS Echo appears to be directly over the #MH370 black box, within 1 km.

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Why robots of today should shade their cameras, via +Ben Colangelo
I don't trust people that wear sunglasses inside, Asimo's face looks like the a big sunglass. What do you say, should robots have human faces to make us trust them more?

Honda's All-New ASIMO Running, Jumping:
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Scientists working cross domains can move science forward for the benefit of all, via +Rajini Rao
SOFTWARE UPDATE: Gene Editing Could Rescue AIDS Patients

HIV Gains Foothold: The human immunodeficiency virus, HIV, gains entry into immune T cells by initially binding to the cell surface receptor protein CD4 and then recruiting a co-receptor, usually CCR5. Infected T cells eventually die and the patient becomes susceptible to other infections, described as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS. 

As Luck Would Have It: About ~700 years ago, a chance mutation in the CCR5 gene appeared that inactivated the receptor. This mutation, CCR5-Δ32, has a slight negative fitness effect because CCR5 is one of many chemokine receptors important in the inflammatory immune response. The mutation should have dwindled or disappeared. Instead, the mutation underwent intense positive selection, now prevalent in ~10% of the European population. Modeling studies suggest that the mutation helped fight off small pox virus, conferring an unexpected survival benefit. Today, it provides resistance to HIV: one copy of the mutation delays AIDS onset ~ 2 years, while 2 copies confers resistance to the common HIV-1 R5 strain. 

The Berlin Patient: A famous case of "natural gene therapy" involved Timothy Ray Brown who was being treated for HIV infection in the mid-nineties. Brown then developed leukemia in 2006 and his condition deteriorated. He received a stem cell transplant from a German donor whose CCR5 genes carried the resistant mutation. Not only did the treatment cure Brown's leukemia, it also eliminated the HIV infection (  

Gene Editing: Recent efforts are designed to be more accessible for AIDS patients. The idea is to remove T cells from the patient, manipulate the CCR5 gene to insert mutation, then re-introduce the modified T cells back into the patient. A small-size feasibility and safety study was reported this week ( involving 12 patients: 6 received modified T cells and were taken off anti-retroviral therapy for 4 weeks. The results were promising! T cell counts increased in the treatment group, and the modified cells outlasted the unmodified cells by 7-fold. The paper is behind a paywall, so please ask if you have questions!  The news story is here:

Image shows an immune T cell (yellow) in the lower right, budding off particles of HIV (green) seen in a colored transmission electron micrograph from To the upper left, is a molecule of CCR5 (yellow) embedded in the cell membrane (grey lipid) from Wikimedia (

#ScienceEveryday   #ScienceSunday  
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Free art books for download by The Getty Museum, via +Andy Cheng
Oooo.... between this and friends being generous with their collections, I've got a lot of things I need to be downloading over the weekend, lol.
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The man accused of bullying his neighbors for 15 years, including children with developmental disabilities, took part of his punishment on Sunday by sitting outside a busy intersection with a large sign that says he's a bully.
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He's Archie Bunker on meth. He's living in hell and is determined to share hell with everyone. He will retaliate and end up in jail for good. Worry about that. Worry about his next set of victims. Our lack of sympathy is irrelevant. What we think he deserves is irrelevant and says more about us. Keep your eye on what matters: he will continue to hurt people. He's a sociopath. A dysfunctional one. Highly functional sociopaths go into banking and other legal forms of depravity.
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Women of the medical field from multiple countries and time, via +Rajini Rao
On The Shoulders of Giants

♀ A sepia print of an Indian woman, a Japanese woman and a woman from Syria, dated 1885. What do they have in common? Extraordinarily, each was the first licensed female medical doctor in their country of origin. They were trained at the Women's Medical College in Pennsylvania, the first of its kind in the country. This was a time before women had the right to vote. If they did attend college at all, it was at the risk of contracting "neuralgia, uterine disease, hysteria, and other derangements of the nervous system” (according to Harvard gynecologist Edward H. Clarke). 

An all-woman medical school was first proposed in 1846, supported by the Quakers and the feminist movement. Dr. Ellwood Harvey, one of the early teaching faculty, daringly smuggled out a slave, Ann Maria Weems, dressed as a male buggy driver, from right outside the White House. With his reward money, he bought his students a  papier maché dissection mannequin. Eventually, poverty forced him to quit teaching, but he still helped out with odd jobs. What a magnificent man!  

Fate and fortune were to buffet Ms. Joshi's life. Married at age 9 to a man 11 years older, her husband turned out to be surprisingly progressive. After she lost her first child at age 14, she vowed to render to her "poor suffering country women the true medical aid they so sadly stand in need of and which they would rather die than accept at the hands of a male physician". She was first offered a scholarship by a missionary on condition that she converted to Christianity. When she demurred, a wealthy socialite from New Jersey stepped in and financed her education. She is believed to be the first Hindu woman to set foot on American soil. I didn't arrive until 1983 ;)

Times were tough then. The fate of these three intrepid pioneers was a sad one. Joshi died of tuberculosis in India at the age of 21, without ever practicing. Fittingly, her husband sent her ashes back to America. Islambouli was not heard of again, likely because she was never allowed to practice in her home country. Although Okami rose to the position of head of gynecology at a Tokyo hospital, she resigned two years later when the Emperor of Japan refused to meet her because she was a woman. 

Times have changed. My own mother was married at the age of 13 to a man also 11 years her senior. My father recalls helping my mother with her geography homework in high school. She never did attend college, despite being a charismatic woman with quicksilver wit and efficiency. Little wonder then, when I was accepted into graduate school in the US, unmarried and 21 years young, my parents staunchly stood behind me against the dire predictions of friends and relatives ("She'll come back with a yellow haired American!" "Haven't you read Cosmopolitan magazine? They are all perverts there!"). Happily, I escaped perversion, earned my doctoral degree and even gained a supportive spouse of my own. In 2004, I became only the 103rd woman to be promoted to Professor in the 111-year history of the Johns Hopkins medical school, and the first in my department, the oldest Physiology department in the country. If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants

#STEMwomen   #ScienceEveryday  

More reading:
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Great find.
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Visualization of distribution of 4-digit PIN code, via +Colin McMillen
Beautiful abstract art?

Rather this is a graphical representation of the frequency of four digit PIN codes. On the x-axes we have the first two PIN digits from 00.. to 99.., on the y-axes we have the last two digits from ..00 to ..99. Popular PIN codes include the yellow diagonal, PIN codes of the form XYXY, and even more bright XXXX. The vertical yellow line are PIN codes marking a year, mostly between the years 1930-2010. The yellow blob on the lower left are US formatted calendar days from 01/01 to 12/31 (you can even see how many days each month has). Also singleton yellow dots can be explained.

Anyway, it is beautiful, in my opinion.
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There's still some snow left on top of Mount Kilimanjaro, via +Silvia ZK
Mount Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania

#mountainphotography #killimanjaro #nationalpark
#landscapephotography #naturephotography #tanzania  
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Tom Lee
Very nice shot +Norman Ma
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On a continual learning plan

Through muddiness of thought and brittleness of body we become weak and old, striving for clarity and flexibility continues our future. The smallest goodness or evil is discernible by thinking humans. 

Have been observing evolution of intelligent machines. Early start in science and engineering topics and lately reading social sciences.

I am interested in using technology to expand human possibilities, decrease complexity. Idea factory, and I believe in the best in all of us! Hopefully this is just the beginning of a great voyage for us.
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Need more trail markers to assure safety and enjoyment of skiers; the trails are labeled and marked for ideal weather condition, that is not good. The trails should be marked at least for the average condition of some snow and cloudy weather. Some good examples of properly/friendly marked trails include Whistler, Squaw Valley, Stowe.
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Best zoo for close animal observation. Animals are relaxed and healthy looking, groovy reptile display, great onion rings at the cafe.
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Great service and lively Friday evening crowd.
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Arrived at 10:00 in the evening. All services I needed were available, good airport.
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Went on a Saturday evening, the mole chicken and trio enchilada were cooked and presented at the national notable level. This restaurant is on par with top Mexican cuisine from Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, and Boston.
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U.S. Airway cancelled our flight at the day of the flight and we had to scramble to a different flight which incurred personal expenses. On the other hand, when we tried to schedule a different return flight, we had to paid a large change fee. U. S. Airway's customer service policy is unsatisfactory.
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