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outsourcing gone wrong: when your non-technical manager knows more eunuchs than the outsourced *nix admins know Unix.

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What ever happened to making the output of `dd if=/dev/urandom bs=64 count=1 2>/dev/null | base64 | head -1` in the top 10?

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We're adopting a new puppy and pick her up Wednesday!

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Happy music:

Hate Dept.'s Omnipresent
Chemlab's Burnout At The Hydrogen Bar

Forget the new first lady, first dog, first American psycho, first family, etc. America will once again be re-united with the "greatness" of the first, second and third "K."

And Pence scares me even more.

In this season of political BS, it's nice to think that things as simple as WD 40 keeping my knee from squeaking & that pumpkin spiced oreos can be wrapped to be given as a gift.

If Trump wants his supporters to intimidate at the polls, why aren't we hearing about bad drag queens that support anyone but Trump promising to kiss every Trump voter?

That might just be a good reason for me to wear a dress.

Dear +ADT,
I don't care if you have time-sensitive offers for me. If you aren't sensitive to my time, I don't care about any of your offers. You have way too many competitors that do understand customer service that provide better services at a lower rate than you.

House sold a month ago. New house closing finished this morning. Yay!
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