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👀For caregivers needing to know how to bottle feed a breastfed baby, this is an excellent example. 👏 #normalizebfing
A great video demonstrating pace feeding. All babies should be pace fed especially breastfed babies.

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Our New Year's Giveaway that you don’t want to miss! @breastmilkjewelry #NormalizeBfing #breastmilk #breastfeeding #NormalizeBreastfeeding 

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Added photos to Mrs. United States & Pumping for Preemies .

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Join me on #nbfLIVE this Saturday at 9am Eastern time to hear from Mrs. United States about her breastfeeding story and her passion to #NormalizeBreastfeeding through Pumping For Preemies! 

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Nurse Educator, student midwife, and lactation consultant Sherry Payne is walking from Columbia MO to Jefferson City, MO to educate legislators, clinicians, educators, healthcare providers and healthcare advocates and community leaders about the causes of Black Infant Mortality and what we can all do to begin to decrease birth disparities in communities of color. You are invited to join in. You can walk with Sherry part or all of the way, or you can donate to the cause so Uzazi Village can continue to make impact in our local community and around the country.

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Added photos to #StepUpMedela LIVE Open Discussion.

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(9-9:45AM Eastern) Marketing Affects the Decision of Women of Color to Breastfeed.
Join us as we begin a LIVE productive discussion about the breastfeeding incident on Medela's Facebook Page during Black Breastfeeding Week. 

Special Guest: Kira Woods - creator of the Petition that gained over 1800 supporters in a matter of days.

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I chat with the mama and the photographer about this image that has been censored from the media during a breastfeeding segment!

Facebook Event: Let's get together and support each other in our right to feed our babies without being censored! Whether you nurse, formula feed, use donor milk, tube feed, or any other combination of giving your child sustenance come help us make a statement. Let WCPO know that feeding your child in any form shouldn't need to be censored.

For those who can't make we ask you to show your support by posting nursing/feeding photos on this page during the time of the event with the following hashtags for support: 

#normalizebreastfeeding #normalizetubefeeding #egid #StopCensoringMotherhood #WCPOFeedIn

That way even those who can't be there in person can still make an impact.

PLEASE NOTE: Let's try to get AS MUCH attention as possible before Saturday. Every relevant photo or post you put up anywhere please put the hashtag #WCPOFeedIn let's see if we can get a trend going!

Watch the original broadcast here:

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The Mayors in the state capitols of Louisiana & Tennessee will proclaim August 10 the first Breastfeeding Law Awareness Day! See the pinned post to participate & invite your friends!

#BFingLawDay is a collaboration of photographers meeting up with nursing moms and their community of breastfeeding supporters, for a group photo in front of their state capitol building then posting the images that same day and throughout the week on social media to spread awareness that they know their breastfeeding laws, or lack there of! The day extends to bring awareness to the laws affecting mothers pumping at work.

Photographers Create a #BFLAD Event:

This is a celebratory reflection of the Nationwide Nurse-In annual event, which gathers nursing moms at their state capitol while lawmakers are in session in April to draw attention to public breastfeeding laws. We're kicking off our Meetup Tour to Normalize Breastfeeding in Sacramento at the CA state capitol building during National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. We have collaborated with the Nationwide Nurse-In Events to encourage families and breastfeeding supporters every where to congregate at their State Capitols across the United States to CELEBRATE first Breastfeeding Law Awareness Day. 

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I chat with some photographers who have dealt with their images being reported, the advertisements being denied, and we discuss the depth of how this type of censorship can affect the future generations of women and mothers. 
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