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Norma Doiron

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NEW Community ➽ ➽ ''Female Biz Builders'' ➽ ➽ Did you know? Something powerful & amazing happens when women support "biz sisters" walking a similar path.* There is NOTHING like women MENTORING & EMPOWERING other women! This is the heart emoticon of Female BIZ Builders. A place where we help each other, ask questions... brainstorm answers. -> JOIN HERE: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Examples of group conversations:
---I've created a new opt-in freebie for my blog and here are 2 graphics I'm considering. Which one grabs your attention & makes you want to know more?
---I'm putting up a new landing page and looking for free graphics. The one I'm using now seems pretty limiting. What do you use? I'd even consider paying a small fee if they are worth it.
---I need to find a safe place to store my paid course videos. Any suggestions? I don't want people who don't buy the course to be able to see them.
➽ ➽ WE ARE BIZ BUILDERS.The goal of this group is for you to network with other smart amazing minds! We all have an area of expertise - ask the questions, get answers, and help others get answers. -> JOIN HERE:
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Norma Doiron

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Who wants to go to an old, dead store anyways? Out-dated materials? YIKES.

You won’t get traction to your #store   that way. Without #traffic  , your blog will rot and die on the Internet. You’ll never get near the top of search engine pages and no one will know your blog exists. It’s crucial to build your #blog   the right way if you want to get higher rankings in search engines.

There’s no better way to freely advertise on the Internet then by blogging great content with good keywords. If you make blogging a priority and keep it regularly updated, it will drive organic traffic to it. This alone should give you enough reason to get started with blogging right now. READ MORE:
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Norma Doiron

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Norma Doiron
Norma Doiron
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Norma Doiron

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“Get and Stay Out of Overwhelm” Secrets. YAY!!! :) Say No to (BSO’s) Bright Shiny Objects

They are your enemies, time suckers! Every time you run after what isn’t aligned with your business, you’re wasting time, money and energy. Now – this is a different way of seeing them, right? READ MORE:
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Getting out of the comfort zone is always a blessing in disguise! What do you think? Care to share???   #motivationalquotes   #inspirationalquote  
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Norma Doiron

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I’ll explain it this way: Imagine going to one store regularly and seeing the same items displayed the same way, the same place, all the time. The dressings in the windows have not changed in a gazillion years, in fact they are full of dust! Ha! Ha! They are even faded. NOT good. It gets drab & old pretty fast!
Your blog is like that store. Keep it alive!
Add new content
Move things around
Keep it interesting and fresh
Share news, updates, whatever pertains to your business
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Blogging Valuable Copy is Your Tiara Online

#Bloggin   is very important to your business, if you are a small #bizpreneur.  For big brands such as Amazon, it doesn’t matter as they are well-known and the traffic to their site is well established. But for you, it kinda, sorta, is crucial… :) READ MORE:
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YAY! I do believe that women ARE game changers. Watch out world! :)
#motivationalquotes   #inspirationalquote  
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Norma Doiron

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Everyone Gets Overwhelmed - When you first begin building your business, it takes a lot of hard work:

Finding ways to get new subscribers
Planning what your next product will be
Choosing who your audience is going to be
Brainstorming the right marketing strategies for your biz
Read more…
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Norma Doiron

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You're welcome to join us! Great minds working together in business, women mentoring women - pure gold. :)
Female BIZ Builders Savvy Solutions Online Community, Business Women ONLINE Community of Builders, Savvy Group of Women Building Online, Business Builders,
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Norma Doiron

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➽ ➽ ➽ NEW*** Community of ''Female Biz Builders' Savvy Solutions!!'' SIGNUP:…/ ➽ ➽ ➽ It's FREE + you get my NEW E-BOOK, ''How to Treat Your Biz Like a Pro!'' YAY! ➽ Smart BIZ Owners stepping up, Women who persistently build their BIZ every day. Skilled preneurs!! Ask questions, get answers, share experiences, smart conversations - how cool is that? ➽ ➽ ➽ Share if you know the type of woman who would LOVE this!
Join Female BIZ Builders Savvy Solutions FB Community, fellowship w.passionate like-minded women all over the world, determined to build a successful biz online.
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3 Questions:
->Is social media producing at least 50% of your sales leads?
->Do you “play” at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Google+ but get no new clients?
->Does building your online network feel like climbing Mount Everest & you’ll never reach the top?
It’s YOUR Time to Step Out in Faith - If you’re ever going to build the business you’re dreaming of, it`s time to get serious and learn how to work the social media system in the best way for YOUR BIZ.
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Social media is NOT producing any sales leads for me. It's sad for me, really, because I participate regularly and I frequently use the services and products offered by my friends and followers. 
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BLOG: http://NormaDoiron.Net
Female Biz Builders / Building Your Business from the Ground Up!

Who is Norma Doiron?

Norma Doiron is an Online Marketing Strategist, with a passion for Female Biz Builders branding themselves online.. Going through her own apprenticeship, Norma spent HOURS upon HOURS teaching herself how to do certain things on the net.  When she wanted to learn about something, she simply found the right resource and taught herself. A multi-faceted learner, Norma loves to share and skim through mass information, then bring to YOU the cream of the crop. Straight to the point and simple to understand, it did not take very long before she began to be seen as an “authority” in her field.

It’s pressed upon her heart to instruct and guide Aspiring / Budding Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners – to help them dream, reach for their goals and rise above the chaos of information overload.

Norma’s goals are to:

    • Bring quality information and keep it simple
    • Make things clear, easy to understand with action steps
    • Help you unscramble the slew of information coming from all corners of the net
    • Help you discern through the spiraling & spinning  many “experts” send you on
    • Get you to stop thinking, “what the heck are they trying to say anyway?”
    • Make available to you, quality training at affordable prices
    • Help unscramble the confusion so all the pieces of the puzzle fit together!

Her specialty is helping beginners develop systems and grow results.  You will find her systems simple and easy to understand.


At this specific time, Social Media is EXPLODING!  It is EXACTLY where the next generation of Entreprenneurs / Marketers / Business Owners will be realizing their dreams. This is a proven field where common people can invest a small sum & by sheer tenacity & determination rise to staggering levels of financial reward & personal freedom. Woohoo!

If this is where your heart lies, well then – let’s begin! Let's connect for your free 30 minute consultation.

 Norma ❥

Bragging rights
Join our NEW* Female Biz Builders FB Community: FAB things happening!
Online Marketing Strategist / Small Biz Coach
Teacher / Coach to Female Biz Builders
  • Savvy Biz Solutions W. Norma Doiron
    CEO - Founder, 2010 - present
    Norma Doiron is a wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 5. A multi-faceted learner, Norma spent HOURS upon HOURS teaching herself how to do certain things on the net while going through her own apprenticeship. When she wanted to learn about something, she simply found the right resources and taught herself. It was not very long before she began to be seen as an “authority” in her field. It’s been pressed upon her heart to help instruct and guide budding Solopreneurs and small business owners – to help them dream, reach their goals and rise above the chaos of information overload. Norma’s goals are to: ● Bring quality information to you and keep it simple ● Offer YOU clear, easy to understand action steps ● Teach how to unscramble the slew of info from all sides of the internet ● Help YOU discern the spinning some “experts” send you on ● Simple & affordable training that bring YOU results ● Unscramble confusion; get the missing pieces to your success! Ready to embrace POSITIVE CHANGES in YOUR LIFE?? Contact Norma for more info... @
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