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Noreen Nasir
Reporter/Producer at PBS NewsHour
Reporter/Producer at PBS NewsHour

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+PBS NewsHour's Jeffrey Brown sat down with author Hisham Aidi, about his book "Rebel Music: Race, Empire and the New Muslim Youth Culture". Take a look -- and a listen -- as they explore musical trends spanning decades and uniting Muslim youth around the world.

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While Congress debates the appropriate course of action to take in Syria, Syrian Americans continue to watch from the sidelines. I spoke to three Syrian Americans for PBS NewsHour on the emotional burden of feeling connected to the events on the ground while living so far away, and what they think should happen moving forward. Watch: How Do Syrian-Americans Feel About the Crisis?

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One million children work in hazardous conditions in Africa's gold mines. Watch this piece on child labor in the mines of Burkina Faso I helped work on. Striking images by photojournalist Larry C. Price.

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A bunch of websites protesting SOPA today. Are there any sites you frequent that are participating in the blackout?
Adding more photos throughout the day of sites that have posted for or against SOPA/PIPA. Let us know if we're missing a site in the comments
SOPA Blackout: January 18, 2011 (9 photos)
9 Photos - View album

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Check out my report for Free Speech TV on one Chicago resident's struggle to re-claim an abandoned home on Chicago's South side through last week's national Occupy Our Homes movement. Members of Occupy Chicago joined with the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign to show their support.

"The function of a house should be a home, a place for people to live. It should not be a profit center for corporations, and it should not be a profit center for banks."

Reporting by Andrea Hart, Editing/producing by Noreen Nasir

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"Our nation's police officers have been militarized over the past 10 years to combat terrorism, but they're combating anybody with an opinion."

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Could Drone Journalism take investigative reporting to a whole new level? And what about the ethics of using such a device?
Do you know what Drone Journalism is?

Imagine the reporting potential of more sophisticated platforms like the Gatewing X100?

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Check out these remarkable photographs from around the world. What a year.

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I can't get enough of this. Absolutely gorgeous shots. It's the Afghanistan you won't see in the news.
Click. Make full screen. Watch. Trust me on this.

Intrigued by all the news sites jumping onto G+ in the past day or so. What sites are you planning to follow?
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