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Building a World Through Travel
Building a World Through Travel


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Since I love Iceland, here's another post about it! This past summer I traveled all around the country with five of my friends. On that trip, we managed to visit what I believe is probably the most beautiful place in all of Iceland.

If you're visiting Iceland and have the chance to drive on the northern side of the country, you should check it out!

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The Omo Valley (and its tribes) is one of the hardest regions in Ethiopia to visit as an independent traveler, yet it is possible to do it if you know how to. Normally people spend over $300 a day to reach these tribes, but I couldn't spend that, so I had to get creative and be smart about my money to do it for at least half that price.

Following my previous post on the experiences I had in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, I wanted to share everything I learned there on how to do a similar trip on a budget.

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Some great moments I'll never forget with the tribes in Ethiopia.

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Thinking of going to Khao San Road in Bangkok? Here's what you can do there.

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If Bhutan is on your list of places you want to visit, this post will put you up to date with a few things you should know before planning a trip to this stunning kingdom in the Himalayas.

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Looking to grow your blog as a business? I've partnered with @MOO to share a few tips that will help you reach that next level.


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This year has broken the record on the most consecutive hurricanes formed in the Atlantic Ocean (since 1893).
Stronger hurricanes are now becoming more common and reaching further than the normal, including Hurricane Ophelia, which is now hitting Ireland... IRELAND!
This year's hurricane season is still not over, so I've created this guide on how to prepare for a hurricane should you cross paths with it during your vacation (or even at home!).
From experience, preparation is key to stay safe during the storm and to "better tolerate" the aftermath.

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I've shared a bit about the effects of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, but finally, I'm able to share my account of the past three weeks since we were struck by the storm in my own blog.
It's a bit of a long post, but I tried to do my best in giving an overall picture of the devastation, our life on the island for the past three weeks, and of course, the now infamous FEMA aid that is getting (almost) nowhere.


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And here it is! A long read about my experience in North Korea and some thoughts about the country, its people, and everything in between.

The DPRK is a mysterious and complex country that is not always easy to understand. Not even I understand it well after visiting, but I'll do my best to give you my first-hand perspective of how it feels to be in North Korea, especially during these heated times between the US and the DPRK, and the travel ban that just started this past September 1st.

And hey, this is just a small fraction of what I did, saw, and experience there.

More posts to come!

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