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You guys really are reinventing digital photography with this technology, but I'm not sure that a crash course in downscaling algorithms is the right way to market this innovation.
its not about downscaling only... i love a lot of mp not because of the big (and maybe better) pictures but because of the digital zoom. if you set the device to 5mp, you can zoom without any loss of quality. thats also the reason why the phone has 41mp, but you can only use 38mp max., you can zoom without loosing any information... i like that!
it is really good to have a 41 mp camera but is it so good????
are they really boasting or what???
So we capture 6 pixels and sample them down to one, digitally, to get 5mp, instead of having one pixel that has 6 times the area so that we already have the 5mp naturally without down sampling? What's the point? Make no mistake, each one of the 6 subpixels capture way more noise than a single pixel with a bigger area! This is a lame PR move that not even camera makers pursue anymore. Nokia is really getting desperate.
Nokia becoming hot again. Second good surprise after Lumia line. Like Lumia, this one will come out with Windows OS later.
You can't get 41Mp quality from an optical lens the size of your pinky.. trololol
What captures the 41 Megapixels is a sensor not the lenses!!!
+Flávio de Souza Right, there are two issues. One is the amount of light captured, and the amount of light stored. Let's say we have no opening at all, but a 41Mp storage capability. You get a 41Mp image, with 0Mp quality. pinhole, you get slightly better, etc. This is why old school cameras have a 35mm lens to let in lots of light. -Engineer
+Flávio de Souza you really believe the marketing speak nokia is trying to sell you? I have yet to see anybody say anything positive about this outlandish move by nokia other than nokia themselves.
Until now it has worked for me. When i bought my N95 and my N8, both were the best camera phones at the time. Am i right or am i right???
I've allready seen that. The fact is that the N95 and the N8 where the best camera phones at their time, period. Now Nokia comes once again with a new product and i have no reason not to believe in it until someone really proves they are not the best. Until now just words but no facts!!!
Sure, if you would rather believe marketing than reason, be my guest. But take a minute and think about why professional camera makers have never gone this high with their megapixels and why people pay big money for full frame cameras and high quality lenses.
Wake Up Dude!!! This is a Phone not a professional Camera!!! We are talking about Phone Cameras. If you want a professional Camera buy a Nikon or a Leica or whatever. You talk talk talk and don't say wich Camera Phone takes pictures better than this!!! If for you it has not 41 Megapixels, great that's your opinion but wich Phone Camera takes better picture than that???
I'm just saying that it makes virtually no difference if the camera has 5mp or 41mp exactly because it's not a pro-grade camera. The lens and the sensor area are the limiting factors way before the number of megapixels. That's why the images it captures have to be down sampled to 5mp anyways. Having 41mp is just to sway gullible people like you into buying it. And apparently they are doing a good job at this sort of PR.
This xing ling dude didn't get it, it's a phone camera. We are not talking about professional cameras.
Then why does Nokia pretend that boosting resolution is going to help with the image quality to begin with? Because it won't. If your premise is that a phone camera is not made for quality images, then this whole argument is missing the point, and the sales pitch by Nokia here is moot.
+Yang Guo The picture is condensated to 5MP so you can upload it to Facebook not breaking the internet in the process. ;)

You can still take a full 38MP picture, but it is going to take a while to upload. There a lot of samples on the internet, just look it up.
Yes it is not made for quality images nevertheless it delivers!!! And you have not answered the question until now!!!
I'd say an iPhone 4S delivers better pictures. Less noise if you compare them. 41mp is not an advantage if you can see color fringing all over the place. You already said that it's not made for quality images, then why even pretend that 41mp is going to help?
You can only be joking!!! iPhone 4S doesn't make better pictures not even than a N95. I can say that because i have one iPhone 4S from the company, one old personal N95 and my personal phone wich i use for travelling and pictures a Nokia N8.
The iPhone 4S has a Raw Light Gathering ability quotient of 1.70 against 2.04 from the N95 and 3.81 from the N8. The F Stop (Max. aperture) from the iPhone 4S is 2.4 against 2.8 from the N95 and 2.8 from the Nokia N8. Those are facts my friend. Deal with it. Just surf the web and you will find proof of that. And more, nothing compares to the Xenon Flash from the Nokia N8. It's a killer!!!
My original point is that 41mp as opposed to 5mp doesn't improve the image quality at all. Your argument turns out to be that all Nokia phones make great pictures. I really don't see how these two statements are related, especially given your not-so-qualified "What captures the 41 Megapixels is a sensor not the lenses!!!", which I think speaks for itself.

For all we know, it might have transpired like this:
Manager: "we need to find something to distinguish our phone from others. something unrelated to the operating system, which we can't influence anyways"
Marketing guy: "how about megapixels on the camera? a few years back all those point-and-shoot cameras were competing on that ground. why don't we?"
Manager: "great idea! will it actually help with image quality though?"
Engineer: "not really. it's a camera phone with a tiny lens after all."
Marketing guy: "does that matter? just make up something scientific. people who really care about quality won't use a camera phone anyways."
Engineer: "alright..."
Marketing guy: "and make sure you provide me with some graphics for the marketing flyers!"
After what you have writen, that The iPhone 4S is the best camera phone on the market, i rest my case. You are a real expert!!! LOL!!!
+Flávio de Souza you do know that f/2.4 is a larger aperture than f/2.8, right...? Btw. there is no such thing as "Raw Light Gathering ability quotient" besides what's defined by the article you seem to have quoted, where the author himself says would be "homegrown math" and where I can't find any complete definition on how to calculate that orwhether larger or smaller is better. Alright then...
Yes and what about the sensor iPhone 4S 1/3.2 against 1/3.4 from the N95 and 1/1.83 from The Nokia N8 and the Light gathering ability (BSI-compensated) iPhone 4S 2.88 against 2.94 from the N95 and a 3.28 from the N8. Now i see "The Math", iPhone 4S is really the best, but only in your dreams!!! LOL!!! And to finally end this, my friend i have both phones, iPhone 4S is a great phone don't get me wrong but the camera sucks, it cannot be compared to the N8's camera, it simply can't.
Sure, in your subjective perception this might be true indeed. Does that prove that 41mp improves the image quality over 5mp on the same sensor area and lens?
No, it just proves that Nokia has the best cameras in Smartphones!!!
+Yang Guo +Flávio de Souza I really don't care who's phone has the best camera. Maybe this is the best. Fine. My entire stance is that this camera, while it may have an array with 41Mp, due to it's optical lens the quality of the picture is no where near that 41 mark. This is just misleading advertising for dumb people
Awesome videos! Much better than the latest Lumia 900 ones.
i hope it soon comes to windows phone.
Very good, nice phone i dream about it :D
nokia lumia is ausum
i love nokia very much
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