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1.5 hours to vote for the Lumia 710:
The battle to the finals continues as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus faces the Nokia Lumia 710. Vote now!
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Nexus vs Lumia 710 :D It's a joke. Sad joke from. I have to be blind if I choose Lumia.
If it was the Lumia 900 or 800 against the Nexus it would be reasonable and I would definitely vote for the Lumia but the 710 isn't in the same category.
Nokia, why is the Lumia 800 interface targeted to children? The menu is in all lowercase letters. Put a capital letter at the start of each item please.
cool...voted for the nexus a far better device. good luck nokia
I love WP but this is ridiculous. The 710 don't stand a chance vs the Nexus...
+Stipe Grbić look at the left on this page. "Stream" "Friends" "Family" "What's hot" thos aren't sentences but they are capitalised and it looks neat and tidy. I know it is Windows but it is a partnership, you would think they colaborated on something...
its .5 % difference not tie..even .1% counts.. Besides if you look in terms of number of people that make that .5% its huge..too bad but for android. Coz it was their top phone against low end model of nokia..
I smell MS money all over this... and Google didn't get the memo.
and nokia is best ..only why people shifted to android is bcoz they have lots of free apps that symbian and WP Dnt have. And secondly if google decides to make android os paid in terms of licences which is free All samsung and al wil go down ..thirdly 
wtf, that significantly limited OS with shitty hardware wins one of the Androids flagship? Well, only sales counts.
do not forget nokia's symbian dominated for at least decade,people stil have 1st nokia model and 3310,6600 ,forget rest i my self use in addition to my c5-00.2 ...lets C if android and ios can stand for hw many years..
battle is far from over dude.. Number one phone is nokia when it comes to choice is true that for past
two years nokia has gone down bt still it is case of top phone .common man who is just middle class wont have iphone in its pocket. Man who sells street done wont have android in its pocket..
Even your auto complete on your mobile while typing can type nokia but it cant type android or iphone..there are ups and down bt they are not perment..besides android is only good because of free apps. But now symbian bell FP 2 IS Coming which is equaly gud to Android ICS. Apple focuses only on 1 product at the tym so it is able to market it well
Since the result of the votes is about 50/50, the logical conclusion is, that Nokia should make an Android based Lumia phone. That would be the best phone ever.
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