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Lumia 900 winning a, well, unexpected fan:
This is rather hilarious, but it seems Windows Phone's off the chart customer satisfaction scores have finally started to penetrate even Apple's greatest fan, with Siri answering rather truthf...
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siri is crazy... it's not the iphone, nor the lumia 900 but the samsung galaxy s3
yeah fail... considering it is the official smartphone of london 2012 olympics
hey nokia how many times did u ask her?

I just asked the question to Siri and the answer is a funny phrase that obviously means that the best phone is the iPhone. Beyond the understanding of who's the best, this news is a troll more than a fake! ;)
hahahaha nokia..meglio che chiudete e andate a zappare siete mai fatti un giro su un samsung nexus o s2?
hai mai scalato una montagna col nokia, hai mai volato su newyork con il nokia...ebbene neanche io col samsung, ma sai il cell deve fare il cell, la tv la tv, lo stereo ha il suo hardware e il navi sul cell è la cosa piu stupida del mondo...per la scocca sono d'accordo ma per il resto la nokia è indietro come le palle dei cani scusa è! a cosa non meno impo...le foto a 12 mp sono talmente pesanti che in mail nn se ne vanno quindi caro mio tira una conclusione va
in pratica usi la ferrari a metano? fai foto piccole quando hai modo di sparare in alto
Min Wu
Haha,Apple is so generous.
And the decision to adopt Windows phone is the last nail in the coffin.
But GALAXY S III is on top
Nokia should use ANDROID OS
+Matteo Micozzi Considera che Google ha acquistato Motorola (che ha creato il cellulare)!e adesso di brevetti fondamentali ne ha da vendere..probabilmente andranno in tribunale fino a quando non troveranno un accordo
+Matteo Micozzi ora sono su mobile, più tardi leggo per bene, ma già leggere punto informatico è fonte sicura! Grazie :-)
Non direi proprio..che hardware ha Nokia?ottime fotocamere ottima qualità dei materiali in ma gli schermi di samsung i processori e le gpu dei terminali android sono avanti anni luce!per quanto riguarda il software..buono wp ma pessimo symbian
Estoy de acuerdo con +Federico Sodano . Pienso que en efecto Android es el sistema más avanzado para celulares, y Nokia debió agregar un procesador de al menos cuatro núcleos para competir con Samsung Galaxy.
+Sergio Cárcamo I don't agree with that. (excuse me for me writing in English, but I can't speak Spanish - Italian below, tell me which you prefer)
True that the smartphones should equip the most advanced hardware it can mount, but battery life should be a major concern. If I wanted a handheld console, I'd buy a 3DS or a Vita. What (to me) is important on a smartphone is the apps variety I can run on, together with a decent battery life. My 3GS's battery is about to die, and I'm bound to the charger if I do something "heavy", because should it turn off, I get to be unreachable. Anyways, mine is just an opinion :-) --
Non sono d'accordo.
Vero che gli smartphone dovrebbero equipaggiare l'hardware più avanzato possibile, ma la vita della batteria dovrebbe essere un problema importante. Se volessi una console portatile, comprerei un 3DS o una PsVita. (per me) quello che è importante su uno smartphone è la varietà di applicazioni che posso farci girare, insieme ad una decente durata della batteria. La batteria del mio 3GS è quasi morta, e se faccio qualcosa di più "pesante", sono costretto a tenere il telefono sotto carica, perché se si dovesse spegnere, sarei irraggiungibile. Comunque, la mia è solo un'opinione :-)
+Edoardo Liotta vero!la batteria è il problema è il tallone d'Achille di qualunque smartphone!dal più recente quad core all'iphone 2g..nessuno smartphone dura più di un giorno un giorno e mezzo..quindi tanto vale avere il massimo dell'hardware!(sperando che qualche nuova tecnologia porti significativi miglioramenti)
+Edoardo Liotta +Federico Sodano Giusto. Il problema della batteria è comune, indipendentemente dal costruttore. Perdono. Io non parlo italiano, ma spero che 'google translate' è stato tradotto correttamente! Per fortuna, lo spagnolo e l'italiano sono molto simili nella scrittura, ma non nella pronuncia
Kam Siu
who say cellphone? it's smartphone
+Sergio Cárcamo tranquillo!si capisce bene sia con google translate sia in spagnolo ;) e a quanto vedo la tecnologia per noi è una lingua universale
Wolframalpha (where the answer came from) based this on 4 reviews. Is that all it takes to decide a product is great?
+Lee Lofgren wow, I didn't know that! That's a little too few reviews to base that answer on! :-p But you have to admit that the picture of Siri saying Nokia is better is hilarious XD
+Sergio Cárcamo il bello della tecnologia! :-) comunque capisco quello che scrivi in spagnolo! Come dici tu, sono lingue simili :-)
Yes, why bother reading what I'm going to talk about? -.-"
Nokia and Microsoft need all the help they can get! They have been giving away the Lumia 900 in the USA! Even at the price of $0 they still can't sell more phones than Apple or Samsung. So, Siri, in her wisdom decided to lend a hand. Can you imagine the criticism if Siri answered the iPhone 4S? So, Nokia, say thank you for the free marketing and here is some more free advice, I think you should adopt Android as another offering besides WP7. Try it, you will be surprised how much better you would do in the rest of the world where people actually pay for their phones and don't get them for free as in the USA. Peace!
I actually paid for my Nokia smart phone and I live in the US. Not all phones are free in the USA. If you count the 2yr commitment contract you have to sign to get a "FREE" phone then they really aren't "FREE".
My phone is old so it wouldn't do you any good to write about it. But just since you asked so nicely it is a Nokia E71x. I like the way it works. It's been very dependable and durable. I have had 3 Nokia's and they all have been good constructed phones. My biggest complaint with the phone I have is that all the cool free APPs everyone is getting with their phones (Android & iPhone) won't work on mine. The few that I have available to purchase are usually around $5 a month instead of a one time payment. Some APPs that were supposed to work on my phone wouldn't install. I love the Qwerty keyboard when texting. It takes great pics. If I had one thing to change about the phone itself it would be to be able to increase the volume on the speaker just a little higher. My hubby is hard of hearing. LOL Thank you for asking. I hope this helps you. Good Luck!
Diana, what I meant by free is that you don't pay the initial amount for the phone when you start your contract, $199 for an iPhone 4S model at AT&T and the Lumia 900 in the US which is being sold for $99 with a $99 rebate (Essentially "free"). Of course that may differ from one service provider to the next and also model of phone.
I live in Finland and have pre ordere my Lumia 900 that has its launch here on the 25th. Getting if from one of the largest carriers over here and the phone will cost me 15€ a month with no upfront payment at i getting it for free?
Joonas, follow the discussion! I was also referring to the USA! The phones biggest market. 
Nokia Lumia 900. . is best

I like Nokia a lot... they made my first phone, a Nokia 3220. Great phone. But WP7 is not what many consumers want - they don't. Why would we want another mobile OS? 

Don't get me wrong, considering that it is a later iteration of mobile OSes Microsoft could do something right. But they had better be careful and do it right because there is already no reason for another mobile OS to succeed - they're going to have to make that happen.
When i can wrhite with this model in my own language?
And bulgarian menu too. 
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