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Noel Lyons
Make It Happen!
Make It Happen!
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Which Mindset Will It Be?

Many people over time become problem-oriented

Rather than solution-oriented

In their examination and explanation of the #problem

They continue to perpetuate the #problem

Tell the story you want to live

Eventually you will live (into) it!

Abraham Hicks

And now #neuroscience and #positive #psychology is confirming this .. !

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Be Better Tomorrow Than Today

Always give what you’re doing 100%

Continue to grow and expand your awareness

Constantly bringing more of your true self to the surface

Doing more of what works and what makes you come alive

If you do, #success will come - GUARANTEED!

#mindset #habits

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Choosing Different Thoughts!

Yes choosing different thoughts requires focus and practice.

But if you continue to #focus as you have been,

to think as you have been,

to #believe as you have been,

then how can you expect your experience to #change?!

Your past need not equal your future ...

Like any journey, bring with you what's most useful,

And leave the rest behind!

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Ask Yourself:

"If I lived everyday the way I lived today,

What kind of future would I create?"

#takeaction   #lifecoaching   #lifecoach  

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The Bumps Along The Road

Only make us better equipped to tackle the next adventure!

#strength   #resilience   #obstacles  

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Learning To Play A New Game!

#mondaymorning   #mondaymotivation   #mondayinspiration  

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Same #World

Different Thinking!

#changeyourlife   #thinkaboutit

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Be YOU 100%!

Let go of all the ways you have attempted to fix yourself in order to try and belong!

#innerpeace   #calming   #selflove  

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We Can Continue To Evolve, Grow And Change

Should we choose!

#meditation   #stress   #change  
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