My complicated solution to simple problem. There seems to be about once a year so big power outage that my current UPS cannot hold over. Server then automatically goes down just fine. But powering back up after outage is problematic. I just cannot let server to power up automatically after outage because UPS would be empty and if another outage would come it would not contain enough juice to safely shut down. I Considered using WOL or RTC on board, but those solutions seemed sub optimal. I really wanted it to boot just 30 minutes after power has been restored. So I designed little circuit with ti msp430 that counts to 30 mins and if power is off(determined by state on IDE-power connection lead) it will turn power on by allowing electricity to pass on Motherboard power lead in same manner as if someone has pressed the power button.

Source code & Fritzing files can be found in git repository:;a=summary
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