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Nobel Peace Prize Forum

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+Nobel Peace Prize Forum 
#NobelLegacy #nobellegacy 
Boys sorry 10090  times in my old material I wrote Pythagora name as Phytagora but so my #SHOEtheory pass unobserved and there is a lot. With your help now My Page and its clone ( MTRE) is up at the rank of #HumanityScienceThesaurus and #AmericanScienceThesaurus  .
now I will send a smile to you. My English is oldest one but is ok.
#humorday #comicsday #FermatIQTest #IQTest #MathTest #mathematic #humor #Comic #IQ  #UNESCO #humanrights #comedy #humorcurves #humor #nasa #uspto #usa
Imaginary Comic Phrase.
Fermat is going to take Microsoft, IBM and all Soft and computer makers (also any #Academy , #Mathresearchinstitute and God I hope not Nobel Institution) in a Court with Human Rights because put in danger his Last Theorem with a false calculus and put in danger his Right of Copyright even if Mr. Bill Gate is working directly in compiler Fermat is sure his theorem is right and the proof is Ion Murgu Circle Paradox which is an #HumanScienceThesaurus #AmericanScienceThesaurus #EuropeanScienceThesaurus
We will meet Prety sonn #fundamentalproton (#FundamentalProton ) and Then will understood #Inflationportals
(#InflationPortals and #Inertia and our role in #TheFutureBegin .
#comedy #humor.
#Feramt is sure not another solution then his is correct and then another solutions can to bring math in an wrong labyrinth.
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Contact Information
Contact info
Nobel Peace Prize Forum c/o Augsburg College 2211 Riverside Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55454
An Annual International Event Celebrating the work of Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Under the auspices of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, the Nobel Peace Prize Forum inspires peacemaking by focusing on the work of Nobel Peace Prize winners and leading international peacemakers and peacebuilders.

Disarmament will be the central focus of this year’s Forum concentrating on the work of 2013 Nobel Laureate, The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). It will also feature former United States President and Nobel Laureate Jimmy Carter and his latest book: “A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence and Power.”

This year’s programme will explore disarmament in its relation to conflict resolution, mediation and peacebuilding. Disarmament is a critical component of a peace that can be sustained. Sustainable peace also requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders, including women. One current, tragic example of the failure of disarmament and inclusive and sustainable peacebuilding is the Central African Republic: where the lack of an effective disarmament process and insufficiently representative national and local dialogue process have resulted in detrimental consequences, including possible acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide. A UN Commission of Inquiry has found that “murder, torture, the looting and destruction of property and of buildings dedicated to religion are acts that could amount to genocide, crimes against humanity and/or war crimes, if combined and under specific circumstances, such acts could also be interpreted as ethnic cleansing.”

In honoring the work of the OPCW, the Forum will highlight the OPCW’s work in the reduction of chemical weapons, including in Syria where 1300 metric tons of chemical weapons have been removed and destroyed.