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Our front yard as the storm took hold of Brooklyn.

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Petie puts up with anything
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My wrist game, updated! My first few days with the Apple Watch

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#nyc snow is a lot of fun
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It's coming right for us! #nyc #snowpocalypse 

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Our newest coffee addition is a keeper!

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Wouldn't it be great if your desktop Logitech speakers could be upgraded to a wifi audio solution? It can be done, easily with The Phorus PR5.

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Days of powerful protests over the recent police shooting of Eric Garner and all the others unarmed and killed by police.

#EricGarner   #NYC   #icantbreathe   #protesters   #protests   #handupdontshoot   #diein   #gct   #grandcentralterminal  
Days of Protesting in NYC
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The newest Smartwatch to enter my world is from Martian Watches. It's the first smartwatch to resemble a beautiful watch that happens to have a single line display below the watch face.
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