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Snoke Revealed

No more speculation needed :)

(Photo Credit:

#StarWars   #Snoke   #Harambe  

+Adam Hovorka has been promoted to moderator (without being consulted), seeing as I no longer am attending UCAS.

You kids have fun.

If anyone has a good image >250x250px about UCAS, let me know.

According to a Google help page I was recently on the max amount of comments on a post is 500- anybody want to try that out?

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Google+ Ripples now appear in real-time

Ripples are a great way to watch how public posts get shared across Google+ ( Today, as part of my summer internship, I'm happy to roll out real-time Ripples. This means that reshares and comments on public posts now “ripple” as they happen.

To give it a try just find an active public post, select "View Ripples" from the drop-down menu, and watch the activity unfold (reshare publicly to watch your own post appear!). The Explore page is a great place to start looking for active posts (

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