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anyone playing Zombie Lane here in G+? wondering what the best way is to get energy. Thanks +Kurt Weisman for the invite!
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Plant 5 trees in a bundle together (lemon is best I think).  You can hire a neighbour once a day to harvest them for you and stock up the food.  Then you can buy energy packs.  Save up your cash, too.  When you get 35, you can buy  and ATM that spits out 1 cash every day.  I use that to buy more ATMs and make a cash farm.  Eventually, you'll generate enough cash daily to buy a burger that fully refills your energy and raises your max energy by 1.
got my 5 trees! out of cash and low on coins and been out of food for a while, probably playing to much at once, but has been fun so far, thanks for the invite neighbor!
no problem.  the trees give coins back, too, so they eventually pay for themselves,  Did you get the energy drink I sent?
I think i got it but never saw it in the inventory
Still playin ? I did sare a circle I built of 60+ players seen by teh game as active players.  I have 7 or so neighbors too.
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