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Noah Lampert

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David Silver Returns - Synchronicity Podcast with Noah Lampert - Episode 42

My BFF David Silver and I talk about the world, the flesh and the devil.
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Noah Lampert

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Music, Life and Fund with Lily Cushman - Synchronicity Podcast with Noah Lampert - Episode 40

Lily Cushman is my wonderful and oh so lovely guest this week.

To try and describe Lily in just a few short sentences would be a fruitless endeavor because it’s impossible. She does way too many cool and diverse things. But shit, I’ll try.

Lily is Sharon Salzberg’s assistant, owner and runner of Brooklyn Yoga School, label head of Vanaras Records and a proud Berklee alum. She’s also one of the coolest and nicest people I’ve ever met.

We Discuss:

- Berklee College of Music
- DAW’s (digital audio workstations)
- Lily Moving to New York a week before 9/11
- The shifting landscape of the music industry
- Noah’s first time LSD story
- Tapping into the mysteries of life
- Brooklyn Yoga School
- Yoga
- Emerging music industry models
- Kirtan
- The pitfalls of chasing a positive experience
- The Mind
- Working with Sharon Salzberg
- The importance of lineage
- The lack of structure surrounding Western Dharma teachers
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Noah Lampert

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Food and Love with Tess Lampert - Synchronicity Podcast with Noah Lampert - Episode 38

Tess Lampert is my guest today.

In addition to being my sister Tess is a food and beverage connoisseur, writer and the best cook I know (sorry, mom.)

Tess flips the script at the beginning of the episode by asking me questions.

This weeks book giveaway is Joseph Campbell’s, “The Hero With a Thousand Faces”

Join the Synchronicity Community and you’ll be entered in the weekly book giveaway FOREVER:

Topics Discussed

- Food as an expression of love
- Stress eating slash emotional eating
- Beauty via taste
- Time as an illusion
- Ghosts
- Dissociative Experiences
- Psychedelics
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Noah Lampert

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Jay Weingarten - Synchronicity with Noah Lampert - Episode 36

Jay Weingarten is my most excellent guest this week.

Jay is a comedian. Jay is funny. Jay is cool. Jay is nice.

Topics Discussed

- Jay’s Comedy
- Flying Fish
- Expressing Yourself via Comedy
- Power Point as a comedic tool
- The importance of keeping an open mind
- Being authentic in life and comedy
- The importance of loving everything around you
- Jay’s chihuahua “The Baby”
- Karma and Reincarnation
- Multidimensional realities – Simultaneous other lives
- Tim Heidecker and Vic Berger
- 2 Wet Crew
- Laughing
- Mushrooms
- L.A Comedy Scene
- Jay’s Unique Path
- Using Life as a Path
- Jazz man!
- The internet being awesome
- Reducing Fear, Increasing Love
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Noah Lampert

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Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director NORML - Synchronicity Podcast with Noah Lampert - Ep. 34

Talking weed with Allen St. Pierre.

Allen St. Pierre is the Executive Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), an American non-profit organization that wishes to remove the criminal penalties for and legalize cannabis.

St. Pierre has been the Executive Director of NORML since January 2005. He is the seventh person to be NORML’s Executive Director. He also serves on the Board of Directors of NORML and the NORML Foundation.

Topics Discussed

- The genesis of marijuana prohibition
- Marijuna decriminilization
- The racial history behind cannabis prohibition
- Positive benefits of marijuana
- Amphetamine laced gummies
- Prognosis for cannabis legality and bussiness in the United States
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Noah Lampert

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Habits with Hugh Byrne - Synchronicity Podcast with Noah Lampert- Episode 43

My guest today is meditation teacher and pleasant fellow, Hugh Byrne.

Hugh Byrne teaches meditation and works with people to cultivate mindfulness in daily life. His approach is deeply informed by family and culture, human rights and social justice—and the good fortune of encountering Buddhist teachings 30 years ago.

Hugh came to meditation when his decades-long career spent remedying human injustice revealed the root cause of conflict that he’d failed to tackle. Hugh came to understand—and know personally—that the anger and fear within us engender harmful behavior. Thus he began the transformational practice and study of Buddhist insight meditation.

Hugh’s written a fantastic book, “The Here and Now Habit”

Check out his book here:

Topics Discussed

- The Evolution of Habits
- How to build effective habits
- Lizards Brain vs Thinking Brain
- Khaneman’s System 1 and System 2
- 4 Types of Dissatisfaction
- Buddhist Psychology and Modern Life
- Starting with Yourself
- Mindful Politics
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Noah Lampert

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Music and Life with Jarell Perry - Synchronicity Podcast with Noah Lampert - Episode 41

Jarell Perry stops by Synchronicity to discuss music, awareness, race relations and the meaning of life.

I met Jarell through fellow MindPod Network podcaster Yoshino (Artist Decoded) and we immediately hit it off.

Jarell is an accomplished singer and songwriter and he also runs an excellent blog called Still Mind where he muses on everything from creativity to peace of mind.

I had a blast talking to Jarell and I have a feeling you’ll really enjoy this episode.
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Noah Lampert

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Getting Astral with Cory Allen - Synchronicity Podcast with Noah Lampert - Episode 39

Cory Allen is a composer, mastering engineer, podcast host, and meditation teacher from Austin, TX. Allen’s music is deep, patient, highly-conceptual and has been called “elegant” by The Wire Magazine and an “artistic engineering achievement” by Was Ist Das. Cory has taught hundreds of people the practice of meditation through his guided workshops and delivers lectures on mindfulness and the expansion of human consciousness. Allen is the host of The Astral Hustle podcast where he talks to himself and his friends about the nature of being and the magic of the cosmos.

This weeks book for the Book Giveaway is “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” by Sogyal Rinpoche. Join the Synchronicity Community and you’re entered in the book giveaway every week.

Also, be sure to check out the Synchronicity Generosity Experiment. We’re raising money to help someone out. We choose the person or persons at the end of August. Check it out here:
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Noah Lampert

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Dreams with Steven Kampmann - Episode 37 - Synchronicity Podcast with Noah Lampert

Steven Kampmann is my guest today. Steven is an all around cool guy and father of previous guest Mikey Kampmann.

In this episode Steven and I discuss the importance of dreams. Steven also recommended some excellent books as an addendum to the episode:

Topics Discussed

- Steven meeting Carl Jung’s great grandson
- Bollingen Tower
- Dying, Dreams and Awareness
- The power of knowing nothing
- The flexibility of dreams
- Dreams predicting future events
- Taking action based on your dreams
- The orchestra of the Self
- Dreams as a source of creativity
- Climbing the mountain
- Finding your way to yourself
- Acting on your inner life
- Taking risks
- Mentors
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Noah Lampert

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Toni Bernhard is my guest today. Toni has an incredible story that centers around how to bring awareness, mindfulness and compassion to issues surrounding chronic illness.

Easily one of the most inspiring and wisdom filled episodes of Synchronicity to date.

Topics Discussed

- Toni’s story
- Overcoming suffering
- The importance of Self Compassion
- Idiot Self-Compassion
- How to approach chronic illness/pain/suffering
- The tyranny of positive thinking
- Being present
- Buddhism being realistic, not pessimistic
- Equanimity
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Noah Lampert

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Creativity with Miles Seiden - Synchronicity Podcast with Noah Lampert - Episode 33

My guest today is friend and creative professional, Miles Seiden.

Miles is about as authentic of a person you’ll come across. Not only is he a talented professional, Miles is also one of the most honest and dedicated people I’ve met. In short, he’s my soul bruva from the same cosmic motha and yes I’m sorry and I will never say that again.

This week I’ve partnered with Wisdom Publications and they’ve generously donated a new copy of Ajahn Brahm’s “Kindfulness.”

Join the Synchronicity Community by tapping/clicking this link and you’re automatically entered in the giveaway FOREVER. That’s a good deal if you ask me.

Also, Wisdom Publications is giving away an ebook on Happiness from the Dalai Lama. Get the Dalai Lama’s ebook here because that’s a smart thing to do and who doesn’t want to be happy.

Finally, rate and review Synchronicity on iTunes if you’re digging it. I know it’s a pain to login to iTunes (which is terrible as a thing that exists) but it really helps the show and karmically it’s a great thing to do.

Buddha spoke explicitly about rating and reviewing podcasts as a good thing to do and a path towards everlasting peace and happiness, and hey, he’s a smart kind of guy.

Topics Discussed

- Creativity and Spirituality
- What does “spirituality” mean?
- Trying to define yourself
- Being a good person
- Compassion
- Healthy skepticism
- Direct Experience
- The word “guru”
- The little voice in your head
- Interconnectedness
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I'm a full-time digital brand developer and a professionally trained musician.

I help businesses, brands and individuals achieve their goals. One way I do this is via my business CRVD Media which I founded in 2009.

My passion is to help demystify key technologies while creating usable road maps for my clients. I subscribe to the "teach a person to fish theory," but have also been known to catch a few fish for clients when duty calls.

I consult on a regular basis and help design and implement websites and unified brand systems as my schedule permits.

Always up for a good conversation. Avid reader, NFL fan and electronic music enthusiast. I'm also vegan but don't let that color your perception.

Favorite subjects include philosophy, music and technology.

I also enjoy this quote very much:

"We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aids, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn, which does not forsake us even in our soundest sleep. I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor. It is something to be able to paint a particular picture, or to carve a statue, and so to make a few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look, which morally we can do. To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.”

-Henry David Thoreau
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