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Dancing Bliss

I shot this during our photowalk of Treasure Island with +Alex Koloskov. I saw this a couple years ago on a post +Trey Ratcliff had made on his blog from burning man. While we were walking on the island in the distance, the opposite direction of where we were heading, I spotted it and knew I had to check it out before I left. 

As everyone was going their separate ways, about 5 of us headed over to check her out. She's about 3 stories tall and covered in what looks like stainless steel mesh. The 'skeleton' looks like rebar. I would have loved to have come back in the evening to check her all lit up. Next time I guess.

I'd love to see what shots +Tim McManus and +Natisa Cahayag got of this as well.

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Nice!!! My captured moment is coming soon...
This is so fun! 
Despite it has a weird cast on lady's body, I really like it.
I see a bluish-greyish cast on the edges and in shades of the body. My monitor is calibrated, so it should not be a problem on my side. 
But as I said, I like it even if it is weird.
+Noah Katz I love that shot. I posted a couple of my shot of bliss earlier. Used +Scott Kelby 's method of working the scene to get some really interesting angles. 
+Olga Garnova, hmm, I don't see the same as you and my monitor is also calibrated. Which one do you use? I'm currently using the Spyder3Elite but I'm going to switch to the Spyder4Pro that I just won at the G+ conference.
+Hank Wright thanks! I'll have to go check yours out now :) - I've been thinking of what +Scott Kelby had also said about working the scene. Been keeping in my head since then. Helps a lot.
I use i1Display from X-Rite. It is not new, but the colours are pretty accurate (print-wise). 

Am I right in my guess this image is HDR? Then it can be that I am not really accustomed to the look, so it seems weird to me. I have very complicated relationships with HDR: I love how it allows for better tonality range, but I do not really like how it is used on practice. Most photographs look kind of weird for my eyes (mainly because of the oversaturation).

Congratulations with the conference prize.
+Olga Garnova this is HDR. 3 exposures tonemapped in Photomatix and then finished off in Photoshop. I did pull some yellow out of the grass as the HDR tends to oversaturate grass, and against popular belief, grass is more yellow than green. I did mask the sky with another exposure as it was a bit too 'hdr' for me. I prefer my image to come as close to reality, or at least what I saw, as possible.
Thanks +Trey Ratcliff. I learned from one of the best ;)

btw, the image you had posted of this sculpture when it was purple at night I had used as a computer wallpaper and had many great comments from those who saw it.
I don't see the bluish cast...  I think you achieved a nice balance of vividness, and I love the way the ground looks.  Nice!
great capture, love the sort of rainbow halo around her head that is happening
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